In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...

This account by Mrs. Luther Hess appeared in the July, 1925 issue of Farthest North Collegian.

NOTE: No one is better fitted to tell the intimate history of the college from its embryonic beginnings than Mrs. Luther C. Hess, whose keen interest and enthusiastic efforts weighed heavily in favor of the institution when it was yet a dream viewed with practical skepticism by legislators and even by others who have later become its whole-hearted friends and supporters. Not only does Mrs. Hess hold the distinction of being the only woman member of the Board of Trustees, but she is the one member of that Board who has served since its first appointment. For present and past services and constant helpful interest, there is no one to whom Alaska's college owes a greater debt of gratitude.

In the Beginning, by Mrs. Luther C. Hess

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