Tilly Commons (UAF)

Tilly Commons
Tilly Commons UAF photo by JR Ancheta
Tilly Commons UAF photo by JR Ancheta


Description: 1850 Tanana Loop

The university built a common dining area just below Stevens-Nerland-McIntosh halls in 1963. The building was dedicated to Lola Tilly, the head of the department of home economics, in May 1985. The building seats 460 students in the dining hall, and there is a small meeting room and a kitchen.

In August 2014, the university opened a new campus dining facility in Wood Center and closed kitchens at the Lola Tilly Commons. In summer 2015, the first floor of the building was renovated for new occupants, including staff from the Alaska Center for Energy and Power and the College of Rural and Community Developmentā€™s bookstore. The kitchen is being renovated for the OneTree Alaska STEM to STEAM lab. The Office of Sustainability continues to occupy the second floor.

Notable People: Lola Cremeans Tilly