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1957-1959 Frank Heintzleman

B. Frank Heintzleman, a Fellow of the Arctic Institute since 1955, died in Juneau, Alaska on 24 June, 1965. Mr. Heintzleman was an outstanding Alaskan and a leader in the development of the Territory for many years. After Alaska became a State, Mr. Heintzleman devoted most of his time to the encouragement and nurturing of its development possibilities. Frank Heintzleman was born in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, in 1888. He was a forester and received his B.S. in Forestry from the Pennsylvania State College in 1907 and his M.F. from Yale in 1910. He was appointed the Regional Forester for Alaska in 1937 and held that position until 1953. During the same interval he was the Commissioner for Alaska of the Department of Agriculture. During World War II he directed the Alaska Spruce Log Program, a public agency formed to take Sitka spruce from Alaska forests for aircraft material. In 1953 he became the Governor of the Territory of Alaska, a position which he held until 1957. Alaska will miss Frank Heintzleman. His broad knowledge of the State, his long experience, his high principles and his dedication to the development of the State were invaluable.


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