Bartlett Hall (UAF)

Bob Bartlett Hall
Bob Bartlett Hall
Bob Bartlett Hall

Fairbanks Campus

Description: 1866 Yukon Drive

E.L. Bartlett Hall on West Ridge is the central building of the residential complex that includes Moore and Skarland halls and Hess Recreation Center. The eight-story building opened in 1969 and was dedicated on Oct. 18 of that year.

Bartlett Hall has capacity for up to 322 students in single and double occupancy rooms, with a lounge on each floor and a large lounge on the ground floor. In 1992 the university designated the first two coed floors on campus in Bartlett Hall, and today the whole building is coed by floor. The university renovated Bartlett in 1996, including purchase of new furnishings and addition of cable television and high-speed Internet access.


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Notable People: Bob Bartlett