1925-1927 Edward Francis Medley

1925-1927 Edward Francis Medley


Edward Francis Medley was born on August 11, 1883 in Ireland to Edward Medley and Mary Lawless. The family immigrated to America in 1885, settling in Massachusetts. Medley graduated from Boston University law school.

On June 12, 1910 he married Emma Caroline Olson. They had a son, Edward Jr., born on August 18, 1911.

He went to Cordova in 1913 as an attorney for the Guggenheim’s copper interest and remained there until 1926, when he settled in Seattle. During World War II, Mr. Medley held the position of United States Commissioner. For many years he was the secretary and later president of the Cordova Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Medley served on the board for the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines from 1925 – 1927. George J. Love was appointed to take his place on the board.

Mr. Medley made annual trips to Alaska on behalf his clients, including “Cap” Austin Lathrop. When Lathrop was killed in 1950, Medley was made president of his company, The Healy River Coal Company and secretary-treasurer of the Tanana Pub. Co. and resigned a year later after distributing the stock in accordance with Lathrop’s will.

Edward Francis Medley died on October 22, 1954 in Seattle from a heart ailment at the age of 71.


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