Mahaffey Trail System

Jim Mahaffey Trail System

Anchorage campus

Description: Jim Mahaffey became a faculty member and ski coach for the former Alaska Methodist University, now Alaska Pacific University, in 1967. Seeing there was no proper ski trails for his team, he decided to start constructing a system. Construction first began in 1967 with a 1 km loop laid out. In 1969 a 4km and 6km adjoining trail loops were built. Improvements were made later by the AMU Ski Teams. By 1983 the trail system was redesigned and reconstructed. Two bridges were built and installed that same year. In 1994 Alaska Pacific University, dedicated the trail system to Jim Mahaffey, who developed, designed and help maintain the trials.

Notable People: Jim Mahaffey

Alaska Pacific University - Jim Mahaffey Trail System