1918-1923 Paul John Rickert

1918-1923 Paul John Rickert


Paul John Rickert was born on January 27, 1867 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He attended public schools and sold insurance as a young man for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, now MetLife. He married Hettie Pray on February 8, 1888 and had one daughter. Moved to Tacoma with his family and was employed as a clerk.

Around 1901 he joined the Klondike gold rush and headed to Dawson, where he engaged in mining and worked for a telephone company. Rickert marries Stacia on May 1904 and on May 7, 1905 he moved to Chena, Alaska. Later they moved to Fairbanks and continue to engage in mining and the telephone company. In 1910 he homestead 320 acres and started experimental farming. Rickert retired from the telephone company and devote full time to farming around 1916. In 1918 he was appointed to the board of trustees of the Alaska Agriculture College & School of Mines. Edward Keys was appointed his own term after finishing Anton Nordale's term. He succeeded Rickert in 1923. Mr. Rickert was elected to a seat in 1920 for the fifth Territorial Legislature for the fourth district.

Mr. Rickert’s civil activities consisted of joining the Fairbanks Pioneers’ Igloo on February 2, 1914 and became president in 1928. He served president of the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce from 1924-1933. He became president Alaska-International Highway Association. From 1929 to 1930 Rickert became grand president of the Pioneers’ Grand lodge. On October 9, 1938 he died in Fairbanks. He was 71 years old.

In Fairbanks, there is a Rickert St. named after Paul J. Rickert.


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