History of the Butrovich Building

This article appeared in the September 1999 issue of The Ester Republic by Neil Davis

The Butrovich Building is a 93,000-square foot, three-story building, located on the southern edge of West Ridge. It overlooks the university's agricultural farmland, part of the original land grant from the U. S. Congress in 1915.

The cost of the building was estimated at approximately $16 million, part of which was allocated by the state legislature in 1984. The top floor of the building opened in 1988 to house the University of Alaska Statewide offices, including the offices of the president, vice presidents, board of regents and other services. However, due to faulty materials, the building's half-built portion was already falling apart.

In 1992, $5 million was appropriated by the legislature to complete the bottom floor of the building, which was assigned to house a new supercomputing center.
The Butrovich Building was repaired and finished in 1995.

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