Odd Unity Aided New School

Reprinted from Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, May 21, 1960

While Dr. Charles Bunnell and Judge Wickersham were on opposite sides of the political fence they did have a common interest in the establishment of a school of higher learning in the Territory of Alaska. They worked together to achieve it.

Money was always a problem. When things would get so bad they couldn't become worse, Bunnell would call another friend of the college, Cap. Austin E. Lathrop, also on the other side of the political fence.

After some small talk, Cap would ask, "How are you doing, Charlie?"

"Not so good, Cap."

More small talk.

Cap: "How much do you need, Charlie?"

Bunnell would carefully outline a figure. Cap always insisted that the transaction was to be kept secret.

Then Cap would provide double the amount Bunnell felt he needed.

So the college was kept operating, on a thin margin to be sure, but still operating.