John McIntosh

Portrait of John A. McIntosh
Portrait of John A. McIntosh
Born in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in 1872, he spent his youth in that city. There he obtained his grammar and high school education. He was a member of the Provincetown high school graduating class of '89.

In 1890, Mr. McIntosh moved to Boston and entered the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, from which he was graduated in 1894. From Boston he went to New York City, remaining there two years before he returned to Boston.

Mr. McIntosh is registered by examination as a pharmacist in the states of Massachusetts and New Jersey and in the city and county of New York. By special appointment, he is registered in British Columbia and is also registered in the Yukon Territory and in Alaska.

It was in February, 1898, that Mr. McIntosh headed from the East for the Klondike as one of the early argonauts. (Editor's note: argonaut a. Greek myth: Any of the men who sailed with Jason to search for the Golden Fleece. b. A person who took part in the California gold rush of 1848.)

He reached Dyea in April of that year, stampeded to Atlin in August and continued on to Dawson until 1904 and then came to Fairbanks via Circle. His residence was Fairbanks ever since.

In 1909 he and Ralph T. Kubon, who had been his partner in Dawson, formed the drug firm of McIntosh and Kubon. Mr McIntosh was appointed to the board of trustees of the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines to succeed H. B. Parkin, whose life was lost in the sinking of the Princess Sophia. He was the first appointee not an original member. He served continuously on the board under appointments by Governor Scott C. Bone and Governor George A. Parks. He served from 1918 until 1934. He was vice-president of the board and was elected as president. George A. Lingo was appointed to take his place on the board.

Long residence in the northland and knowledge of the needs of the country fit Mr. McIntosh for the position he occupied.

On Oct. 9 1934 he died at St. Joseph's hospital in Fairbanks. He was 62 years old.


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