Newly Hired

Resources for New Hires

Below are resources for new hires to assist with connecting to university-based contacts, as well as safety resources, benefits orientation, required training,  technology-based resources, and general UA information (e.g., emergency alerts, UA President Communications, Policy & Regulation).

  • Campus Safety & Respect
    Campus safety is a priority at UA. Locate information on safety resources, alert notifications, and ways to report concerns or incidents on this linked page.
  • General UA System Information
    On this page, employees can connect to UA Emergency Alert resources, UA Organizational Charts, the UA President’s communications, the UA Mission, UA Leadership Mantra, UA News, UA Policy & University Regulation, and more.

Quick Links to Human Resources Support

  • **Locate your Human Resources Coordinator **
    HR Coordinators are key points of contact in departments who have a great deal of knowledge and resources available to answer HR-related questions, solve problems, and many other HR-related actions.  Your HR Coordinator will send you information on and assist you with your new hire paperwork.

    We encourage employees to first seek assistance from their local HR Coordinators as they will have the information most applicable to their areas.

  • HR Self-Service Knowledge Base
    This resource provides self service support for HR professionals and employees wanting to find procedures and information regarding employment benefits, compensation, talent acquisition, leave, accommodations, labor and employee relations, off-boarding, payroll, and much more.

  • UAOnline: Employee Services,  Personal Information, and Directory Management 
    This portal provides employees access to timesheets, benefits and deduction information, pay information, tax forms, job detail, and leave usage/ balances. Employees can also access and update their personal information such as UA ID, preferred name, pronouns, address, phone, public directory information and much more. 


  • Required Training
    This page provides information on required training courses for all UA employees.

  • UA Benefits and Compensation Summary
    This page provides a UA benefits overview as you prepare to join the university, and the steps to take. And, the Benefits Overview (BenO) for New Employees page is designed to outline all benefit information  and required action items as you prepare to join the university. 

  • UA Compliance Orientation
    At UA all employees and departments are responsible for employing ethical standards, monitoring applicable laws, developing and maintaining appropriate policies, and conducting compliant operations. This section provides a basic overview of those expectations. Work with your supervisor for more role-based specifics in this area.

Compliance Onboarding
Contact: Mary Gower (email:
Website: Audit and Compliance Services

This onboarding resource provides an overview of compliance areas within UA, and the responsibility of employees based on their roles.  Watch this quick 4-minute Compliance Chat video providing an overview of the Compliance Onboarding information linked above.

These monthly chats are short, recorded conversations covering topics ranging from outside employment and activities, misuse of official positions and ethics, to gifting guidelines, and much more.
Go to this page for UA's ethics training and more information about the expectations of all UA employees under the Executive Branch Ethics Act (EBEA) and its implementing regulations published by the Department of Law and University regulations concerning Ethics and Conduct (04.10). 

Technology Access and Resources

  • Information Technology Resources
    This is a one stop shop for all technology needs such as setting up your online identity, activating your username, password changes, software downloads, Zoom Video Conferencing, Banner, Canvas, Blackboard Learn, IT service/outage alerts, IT/data security guides, and more.

    Once your online identity and username is activate, go to Google Workspace to set up email and other workspace resources.

  • Google Workspace @UA
    This link provides information on and access to the UA’s Google email, along with Google Calendar, Docs, Chat, Video, Groups, Sites and the G Suite Marketplace.

University-Based Onboarding

Onboarding programs at each university promote a sense of belonging, providing opportunities for employees to become more familiar with their specific university’s campus, culture, services and community. Contact administrators below for more information

Polar Express (UAF ID): The PolarExpress card is the official UAF photo identification card used by students, staff and faculty, and is used to access UAF facilities, services, activities, and to make purchases. 

Whale Card (UAS ID): The Whale Card is the official UAS photo identification card used by students, staff and faculty to access UAS facilities, services, activities and to make purchases.

  • UA System Office Onboarding
    As a general rule, system office employees onboard through the UA university they are working at or near. Contact your Human Resources Coordinator,  supervisor, or an onboarding administrator for assistance.