Managing Remote Workers

Cultivating a strong culture with a dispersed workforce may seem challenging, but there are ways to ensure employees are thriving, productive, and engaged.


Tips to help with remote team interaction and communication:

As your team acclimates to remote work, encouragement and support are key aspects of management.  Provide “as needed” access, and if the employee desires, daily proactive check-ins to reassure them during this time of transition.

Create a robust infrastructure for collaboration and information sharing, or upgrade the one that is already in place. Automate as many processes as possible. Check out the Social Connection page to get some ideas on how to collaborate with a remote workforce.

Keep your team informed on memos and internal developments and events, so they won’t feel outside the loop. Be sure to plan after-hours online activities to boost team morale, such as virtual happy hours or game nights.

Flexible work hours will help those employees balancing a household, childcare, or caring for a family member. Ensure the equipment each remote worker uses has secure access to the company network. Offer extra training on IT-related topics.

Communicate and encourage employees frequently. Update programs around inclusion and appreciation to reflect the remote work environment.