So, your employee would like to work remotely?

We encourage you as leaders to be compassionate, flexible, and responsive to individual requests.

Here are the next steps:

  • Talk with your employee about what they would like to do.  

  • Use the Remote Work Assessment tool to determine if remote work is a good fit for their job and individual situation.
  • If the assessment indicates that remote work is a viable option, review the Remote Work Expectations Worksheet to help the conversation between you and your employee. This will help you and your employee identify how they will continue to communicate, collaborate, and fulfill their job responsibilities as they work remotely.

  • Work together with your employee to determine which type of remote work is best.

Short-term / sporadic remote work

  •   An informal remote work agreement can be used when:

    • The remote work recurs on a regular basis and is not significant (20% of the time or less)

    • Remote work is a short-term situation which is contingent upon the employee’s particular circumstance (e.g. working part-time while on a personal trip).

  • If the remote work meets one of these conditions, then document the arrangement in writing, such as an email or memo.  That’s all there is to it.

Formal remote work

Formal remote work agreements are only required for the following:

  • The remote work recurs on a regular basis and is significant (more than 20% of the time), OR

  • The remote work location is out of state for 30 days or more per calendar year, OR

  • When the supervisor or employee would like a formal agreement documented. 

Process for formal remote work arrangement

If a formal work requirement is needed:

  • Complete an electronic Telework Agreement form. 

You will need some information about the employee to complete the form:

    1. Employee’s name
    2. Employee’s UA ID
    3. Employee’s email address
    4. Employee’s remote work location (physical address)

Note: If the employee will be working outside the state of Alaska,  the department will be subject to additional fees for payment and processing of payroll taxes for that location.
You will need to enter the FUND and ORG that should be used for those fees. 

  • Once the form is submitted it will then be sent to the employee for them to sign in agreement.
  • After the employee signs the agreement,  it will be sent to HR for processing and to be added to the employee’s Personnel file.

If your employee has a remote work agreement and they will be returning full-time to the on-site location, complete the Remote Work Agreement Cancellation form.