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UA Employee Experience Surveys

At UA, we are launching a comprehensive series of employee experience surveys starting in fall 2023. Our aim is to take a holistic approach to measure and enhance the employee experience. Instead of relying solely on one-time surveys, we will routinely assess the entire employee journey – from the initial job application, through the current employee experience, and even at the point when an employee decides to leave UA.
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If you require accommodation or encounter any accessibility barriers while using the survey, please contact ua-feedback@alaska.edu.

The Significance of Employee Experience Surveys

These surveys play a vital role in understanding employee perspectives and identifying strengths and areas for improvement. The data collected will serve as a guide for our strategic planning, helping us enhance existing programs, address culture-related issues, and prioritize employee needs. By doing so, we aim to boost engagement and overall job satisfaction. Research, such as the CUPA 2023 Employee Retention Survey, demonstrates that engaged employees are happier, more productive, and more likely to stay. This benefits both our employees and the university, fostering stability within the organization and encouraging collaboration and innovation. Ultimately, these factors enable us to better serve our students, support one another, and help our diverse communities across Alaska thrive.


While UA Human Resources is at the helm of this effort, the UA Chief Human Resources Officer initiated the development of the UA Employee Feedback and Assessment Steering Committee. This advisory group, established with input from staff governance leaders and other key individuals, created a Charter that outlines responsibilities for planning, scoping, and communicating employee engagement information. It's an important step in maintaining transparency and structure within the committee.

Thank you to the Feedback and Assessment Advisory Committee Members for their extensive assistance and significant amount of time working to bring the employee experience survey to fruition. Some representatives were transitioning into different roles or shared the work of providing input;  thank you all! 

Ahmbra Austin, UAA VCAS Representative
Carla Browning, UAF VCAS Representative
Louisa Cryan, UAS VCAS Representative
Matthew Cuellar, UAA Faculty Senate Representative
Abel Bult-Ito / Jennifer Carroll, UAF Faculty Senate Representative
Glenn Wright / Jennifer Ward, UAS Faculty Senate Representative
Jessica Slavik / Dawn Humenik, UAA Staff Council Representative
Ronnie Houchin / Derek Bastille, UAF Staff Council Representative
Lauren Hartman, UA System Office Staff Council Representative
Lana Clark, UAS Staff Council Representative
Rebecca Lawhorne, UA Public Affairs Representative


Qualtrics, a third-party vendor, is a crucial partner in this process. They are assisting with survey development and distribution, as well as conducting data analysis, which will provide valuable insights into the employee experience at UA.

Yes, your responses are confidential, and only aggregate results will be reported. Personally identifiable information is not associated with your responses.

Please be aware that comments you provide at the end of the survey may be identifiable depending on their content. Providing comments is entirely voluntary.

For the results, an anonymity threshold was set at 10 responses. If there were not 10 or more responses, the data would move up to the next level in the organization's hierarchy.

Open-ended feedback on what the university does well, and what can be improved is shared only with the Chancellor for their respective university.

We measure employee engagement to enhance key outcomes. Research shows that companies with high engagement scores also achieve better performance, business success, and innovation.

Measuring employee engagement enables us to collect feedback at scale across the organization, ensuring that the voices of all employees are heard, rather than just a few.

It allows us to make informed decisions to improve company culture and enhance your employee experience.

Employee feedback collected through engagement surveys helps us identify areas we are doing well, and areas for improvement before they negatively impact productivity and our university's culture.

We use Qualtrics, an independent third-party tool, to gather feedback from employees and job applicants. This tool provides a holistic view of an employee's experience, covering various stages of the employee lifecycle.

We will also use this tool for routine pulse surveys on various topics influencing the overall employee experience.

We will initiate the first baseline employee experience survey in Fall 2023. 

The survey will be open for a two-week period and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

No, participating in the survey is entirely voluntary, but we encourage all UA employees to take part.

UA benefited employees (hired on or before October 31, 2023) will receive an email invitation from UA Employee Feedback (experience@feedback.alaska.edu), with the subject, “INVITATION: UA Employee Experience Survey.” This link is unique to the individual emailed; please do not share it with others.

It is possible that Gmail may flag this Qualtrics email as a Phishing attempt, but the email is legitimate. Please proceed with the survey. It's important to note that the survey will never request your UA ID, password, or any other information commonly found in phishing emails.

If you don't receive the email invitation, please contact the UA  HR Talent Acquisition and Development team at ua-feedback@alaska.edu .

To report misconduct, please use the UA Confidential Hotline at https://www.alaska.edu/audit/hotline/.

This survey focuses on employee engagement across the entire University of Alaska. It's distinct from recent surveys, such as benefits surveys, the UAF DEI survey, and Staff Council morale surveys, which serve specific purposes.

We are exploring opportunities to collaborate with our university partners on surveys in the future. 

Employee feedback is essential for continuous improvement and informed decision-making at all levels of the organization. Leaders who actively listen and are open to feedback foster a culture of trust and psychological safety. Your feedback can lead to positive changes in the organization.

Qualtrics, a third-party vendor, will distribute the Employee Engagement survey and analyze the data to provide insights into the employee experience at UA. They are advising UA Human Resources and the Employee Feedback and Assessment Advisory Committee on the survey's development.

Email communications will be sent to employees before the survey distribution.

The Employee Feedback and Assessment Advisory Committee, consisting of faculty and staff, was appointed by UA's chief human resources officer to assist in the development of the survey in consultation with Qualtrics. Their committee charter is available here.

Survey data will be provided as a high-level report to senior administration at the System Office and each university. The reports will also be accessible on the UA Employee Experience survey web page.

Qualtrics will analyze the data and provide recommendations for action planning to enhance engagement in specific areas such as policies, programs, etc. 

All UA employees have a role in employee engagement- from celebrating what we do well, to being part of making change for the better. University leaders from administrators to onboarding and engagement managers, governance groups, and the Employee Feedback and Assessment Steering Committee, will use the information to make recommendations and/or take action.

Individuals are encouraged to take action within their role but to also work with their university leadership, supervisors, and governance groups.

We’re using a mix of both quantitative and qualitative survey methods. All employees at UA will have an opportunity to participate in the survey and will self-select whether they choose to do so. The University of Alaska has contracted with the Qualtrics Employee Experience module (Qualtrics EX25) to ensure the data we collect is actionable. 

Qualtrics has developed a tool called EX25, which uses a holistic approach to measuring and optimizing employee experience, or EX. Engagement, as a single metric, is not a sufficient measure of employee engagement. The most successful organizations are moving beyond measuring employee engagement alone to routinely measuring the entire employee experience throughout the whole employee journey from application to the exiting of an organization. 

EX25 consists of two question sets: EX KPIs (key performance indicators) and Drivers of EX. The methodology enables companies to measure five KPIs for the employee experience and link them with the 25 drivers they can act on.

EX KPIs are the outcome measurements a company should track to ensure they are providing a great employee experience.

  • Engagement

  • Experience vs. expectations

  • Intent to stay

  • Inclusion

  • Wellbeing

Drivers of EX are the critical topics that influence KPIs. They incorporate the aspects of work important to employees today. Understanding the score in each driver provides critical signals to improve the employee experience by identifying areas of strength and opportunities for growth. The design of this survey allows organizations and supervisors to develop action plans to improve engagement. 

Contact ua-feedback@alaska.edu for more information about this survey. 


Survey Details

This section contains the active survey timeline and reports from completed surveys. 

2023 Employee Experience Survey Timeline
Timeframe Details
Spring 2023 Employee Feedback and Assessment Steering Committee established
Summer 2023 Survey development begins (in consultation with Qualtrics and UA Leadership)
November 21, 2023 Survey Opens
December 8, 2023 Survey Closes
December 2023 Qualtrics analyzes feedback
February 7, 2024 Employee Experience Survey results released
Due to IRB requirements, the data can only be accessed by inputting your UA Credentials
Spring  2024 MAU leadership begin to engage their university community in action planning
Fall 2024 Next Employee Experience Survey deployment



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