Education Benefits

Educational Benefits for UA employees include the Tuition Waiver, Alaska 529 Plan, and Sabbatical Leave


Education Benefits

The University of Alaska provides three main educational benefits to UA employees and their family members: 

(1) Tuition Waiver
(2) Alaska 529 Plan
(3) Sabbatical Leave



Tuition Waiver

Benefit-eligible employees and their families may take advantage of the University's tuition waiver program to work toward a degree or improve their job skills. Self-supported courses are excluded from the Tuition Waiver.

Credit Limits

Employees may take up to eight (8) credit hours of university course credits per semester, to a maximum of 16 credit hours per academic year without paying tuition. The academic year begins each fall and ends with the following year's summer semester. Course fees other than tuition (such as lab, supply or technology fees, student activity or health center fees, and books, etc.) are not covered by the tuition waiver and are the student’s responsibility.

Spouses / Financially Interdependent Partners (FIPs) and Dependent Children Under 24
An employee's spouse/FIP and dependent children may use the tuition waiver with no cap on credits. Dependent children must be under the age of 24.


Classes During Work
Employees may take up to three (3) credit hours during their regular work hours without being required to make up the time if the course will enhance job-related skills or knowledge. Prior approval must be granted by the employee's supervisor and the appropriate forms completed. Employees may have course charges waived for up to four (4) non-credit courses from a UA-approved list per semester, with prior approval from their supervisor. These non-credit courses are designed to enhance job-related skills and work performance.

Graduate Courses / Self-Supported Courses
Graduate courses taken with the tuition waiver will be added to the employee's gross income and taxed as if it were regular earnings.

Questions should be directed to each specific campus' bursar's office. 


Benefit-Eligible Employees
​The tuition waiver is available to benefit-eligible faculty and staff, along with their families. Self supported courses are excluded.  

Adjuncts have a Tuition Waiver available to them, as well. Please reach out directly to the campus' bursars office to discuss.

Enrolling or Making Changes

The Tuition Waiver is available immediately (no waiting period) as long as the employee is working as of the first day of instruction. Complete the forms below.




Alaska 529 Plan

The Alaska 529 Plan is a versatile education savings account that can be used for qualified expenses at nearly all colleges, universities and technical schools nationwide. This account can also be used for K-12 tuition.


Benefits of Alaska 529s
An Alaska 529 plan assists thousands of Alaskans save for future education expenses - many of whom enroll at UA! There are a few added benefits for opening an Alaskas 529 as a UA employee:

  • Employees can contribute via payroll deduction
  • The Alaska 529 team is located on campus in the Butrovich Building in Fairbanks and in the Bragaw Building in Anchorage. Employees can walk-in, call, Zoom, or schedule a speaker for a department staff meeting. 

Questions should be directed to the Alaska 529 office. Visit the Alaska 529 Plan website or contact for more information.


Any UA employee can open and contribution to an Alaska 529 plan using payroll deduction.

Enrolling or Making Changes

Employees can enroll in an Alaska 529 or make changes to their existing payroll contributions at any time.



Sabbatical Leave

University of Alaska provides faculty opportunities to gain professional renewal through planned travel, study, research or other experiences of professional value. 


Length of Sabbatical Leave
Sabbatical leave may be granted for one (1) academic year or an equivalent period.

Reasons for Sabbatical Leave
Sabbatical Leave may be granted for study, formal education, research, and other scholarly and creative activities that generate professional value.

Salary while on Sabbatical Leave
Salary is not to exceed six (6) months salary or one semester equivalent.

For more information on Sabbatical Leave, please review UA Policy P04.04.060. Sabbatical Leave.


Faculty holding academic rank who will have completed at least five (5) consecutive years of service within the university system.

Application for Sabbatical Leave

Applications are submitted to the chancellor.