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Benefits of UA Employee LinkedIn Learning

Regardless of your role at UA, LinkedIn Learning allows you the opportunity to gain new skills, grow and develop in your professional role, or to just be curious. These opportunities will complement and pair with our UA-specific training offered throughout the university.

  • Learn from any desktop or mobile device
  • 40 new courses added weekly, on average
  • Available bite-size tutorials for just-in-time learning
  • Professional certificates, certificate preparation, CEUs, skill development

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University of Alaska Learning & Development Collections

These collections have been curated specifically to equip our staff with a diverse range of skills crucial for thriving in today's professional landscape and include content directly from the University of Alaska as well as LinkedIn Learning courses. They cover various aspects of teamwork, interpersonal relationships, professional development, and adaptability in different work environments, leading to improved teamwork and overall organizational and personal success. 

Monthly Training Spotlights

In today's digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) models are widely used in various fields, including education. However, it's important to be mindful of the risks related to privacy. Please read this announcement from IT concerning AI, FERPA, and privacy concerns.

In response to the Employee Feedback Survey on employee development, and President Pitney’s priority strategy of creating and enhancing self-service training materials for employees, the UA Talent Acquisition and Development team is committed to providing a broad range of resources focusing on career development, leadership, and supervision located through the Employee Engagement & Development Center. Each month we highlight training topics and share them in the UA News and each university’s newsletter. 

This month the UA HR Talent Acquisition and Development Team invites you to delve into the transformative power of Using AI in the Workplace; to improve process efficiencies, productivity, workflow, project management, and content creation. This collection of courses offers practical insights and examples, emphasizing AI's potential to revolutionize the modern workplace while considering its ethical and sustainable use, as well as introductory videos on Microsoft Copilot Chat, a safe AI model for University use. 

Regardless of your role at UA, take control of your development and steer your career in a direction that aligns with your goals, enhances your skills, and maximizes your potential in the workplace. You can start by activating your free UA Employee LinkedIn Learning account, finding upcoming events on the Training Calendar, and discussing professional development opportunities with your supervisor. 

If you have questions, please contact UA HR at (907) 450-8200,, or Request Assistance.

This spotlight features four training collections, spanning from team-building activities to mentoring, all bound together by the theme of working better together. Whether you want to feel more cohesion within a group, have been tasked with leading a committee or project, or are a supervisor looking for ways to coach your staff, our Team-Building & Collaboration collections have you covered!

Equip yourself with the tools and strategies needed to excel in collaborations, build meaningful relationships, and navigate challenges with finesse. Delve into the nuances of effective communication, interpersonal dynamics, and conflict resolution, equipping yourself with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in any professional setting.
This collection of courses offers supervisors skills needed for managing remote/ hybrid employees, shares tips for getting results at a distance—including how to provide remote coaching and feedback—as well as building trust, setting reasonable boundaries as a long-distance leader, engaging employees, and more.
Unlock the full potential of your department's capabilities and drive strategic agility with this comprehensive collection of courses. Combining the principles of Lean Six Sigma with cutting-edge Change Management strategies, this collection equips you with the knowledge and skills to streamline processes, drive efficiency, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Professional Certification Preparation

LinkedIn Learning can help you study for certification or earn continuing education credits to keep your certifications current. The online courses have been recognized and approved by organizations as educational activities towards your ongoing professional development.  UA’s LinkedIn Learning program offers free courses and learning paths taught by experts in their fields to prepare you to take business, technical, and professional certification exams from SHRM, PMI, CompTIA, Microsoft, AWS, (ISC)2, Six Sigma, and other leading providers. Find certificate eligible courses or explore the  900+ certificate preparation courses available, developed in partnership with certificate providers so you can earn their professional certificate and showcase your mastery of in-demand skills to employers.


Explore LinkedIn Learning

Gaining New Skills

With LinkedIn Learning, anyone can gain new skills. We offer expert-led, anytime training that you can take at your own pace, with tools and features to fit almost any learning style. Use this course to discover how you learn best and how LinkedIn Learning can help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Skill Assessment

If you want to grow your skills, but don’t know where to begin, take the LinkedIn Skills Assessment.  Before you begin, make sure you have a LinkedIn profile.  Skills Assessments allows you to earn a badge if you pass but it also recommends courses that will help you become proficient for that specific skills.  Watch this video to learn more.

Career Goals

The LinkedIn Learning Pathfinder helps you identify and learn the skills for the next step in your career. Simply choose a career goal, discover new skills needed to achieve your goal, and get a list of LinkedIn Learning courses customized for your goals.

Create a Collection

Team Users can curate specific courses/videos and share with their team.  Watch the create a collection video for more detail.


Pathways - Coming Soon!

group of people around table with laptops

Career Development Pathways encourage, guide, and recognize development of skills that are important to employees in a wide variety of positions across UA. Completion of assigned learning experiences is rewarded with badges; specified collections of badges lead to Pathway Completions. This resource is available to UA employees only. 

UA HR will be working with the universities, governance groups and LinkedIn Learning to identify and develop these pathways. Stay tuned as this program evolves. 

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