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Our physical locations for Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau are below.

UA HR Leadership Organizational Chart  |  UA HR Team Organizational Chart | Please contact UA HR Customer Service for any readability issues


Contact Specific Team Member: 

The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) consists of  business partners and administrative support to the CHRO.  The main effort of the CHRO’s Office is to offer quality services to a highly developed workforce at the University of Alaska. 

The business partners act as a liaison to faculty and staff while ensuring that established policies and procedures are followed by employees of the university. 

Memry Dahl Chief Human Resources Officer 907-450-8200
Stefanie Gorder
Executive Assistant & Communications Specialist 907-450-8255
James Yauney  Senior HR Business Partner - UAA 907-450-8218
Bryan Hoppough Senior HR Business Partner - UAF & SO 907-450-8272
Louisa Cryan Senior HR Business Partner - UAS  907-796-6263
Janna Machalek UAS HR Coordinator 907-450-8262

The Benefits and Compensation Team oversees the administration of university employee benefits, retirement programs,  compensation and classification. This includes education about benefit options and enrollment, assisting employees with retirement preparation, and providing resources to support the well-being of UA employees.  

For any benefit questions, please reach out to This email is monitored by the entire benefits team and will ensure the fastest reply.

Robert Hall

Benefits Specialist

907-450-8237 General Benefits
Tammy Kancir, SHRM-CP

Benefits Specialist

907-450-8265 General Benefits
Elaine Ramos-Main

Benefits Specialist

907-450-8264 Retirement
Jenn Clapp, CEBS

Senior Benefits Specialist

907-450-8216 Plan Administration and Health Care
Jamie Meyer

Classification and Compensation Specialist 907-450-8254 Classification and Compensation
Heidi Thompson Leaves and Accommodations Specialist TBD Leaves and Accommodations
Parker Leland Manager of Leaves and Accommodations  TBD Leaves and Accommodations
 Heather Arana Director 907-450-8226 Director

The Labor & Employee Relations Team oversees labor and employee relations while focusing on improving retention, and professional and team development. The Labor Team accomplishes this through contract negotiations, investigations and dispute resolution, coaching and prevention. The team works closely with the HR Business Partners as they ensure campus needs are met. The Labor and Employee Engagement Team helps foster collaborative partnerships for all UA employees to promote a strong and positive organizational culture.

Tara Ferguson  Director 907-450-8217  
Danielle Foster Associate Director 907-450-8246  
Gail Granata  Employee Relations Manager 907-786-1457  
Nycolett Rabley Sr. Labor and Employee Relations Specialist 907-450-8215  
Danielle Nelson Labor and Employee Relations Specialist 907-450-8267  
Steffi Jedlicka Labor and Employee Relations Specialist 907-450-8225  
Tasha Leach  Labor and Employee Relations/Training Coordinator 907-450-8178  

HR Operations include UA HR Customer Service, accounting, payroll, and personnel. The Operations Team  is tasked to complete data entry, resolve issues with vendors in regards to HR Operation areas and provide assistance to HR Coordinators at the campuses.

Vacant Director Vacant 907-450-8207 Director
Ann Pierce Personnel Manager 907-450-8244 Personnel
Cassie Olsen Personnel Technician 907-450.8234 Personnel
Jevone Patterson Personnel Technician 907-450-8219 Personnel
Roxi Lowery  Personnel Technician 907-450-8235 Personnel
Jessica Allard Personnel Technician 907-474-7580 Personnel
Chrissy Maddox Personnel Technician 907-474-7584 Personnel
Princess Alonso Personnel Technician 907-450-8258 Personnel
Camille Carpenter  HR Accounting Manager 907-450-8251 Accounting
Timothy Armbruster Sr. Senior Accountant/Lead 907-450-8212 Accounting
Sherri Soileau HR Accountant 907-474-6258 Accounting
Sara Di Martino HR Accounting Assistant 907-450-5082 Accounting
Mary Goldsby  HR Accounting Assistant 907-474-6256 Accounting
Tracie Cogdill HR Accounting Assistant 907-474-7725 Accounting
Wei Chen HR Accounting Assistant 907-450-8259 Accounting
Dana Shriner, CPP Payroll Manager 907-474-1509 Payroll
Lauralee Samalot  Sr. Payroll Technician 907-786-1429 Payroll
Kim Stewart Greinier  Payroll Technician 907-796-6479 Payroll
Kira Johnson Payroll Technician 907-450-8233 Payroll
Sean Lemley Payroll Technician 907-450-8289 Payroll
Claire Morton, SHRM-CP, SPHR Customer Service Manager  907-450-8270 Customer Service
Terra Preslan HR Generalist 907-450-8261 Customer Service
Sarah Morisky HR Generalist 907-450-8245 Customer Service
Vacant HR Coordinator Vacant 907-450-8229 Customer Service

The Talent Acquisition and Development team is dedicated to providing UA with support, resources and strategic processes for recruitment, hiring, development and retention of talented employees to fulfill UA’s mission.

Margo Griffith Director 907-450-8278  
Rhonda McKay, SHRM-CP Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 907-474-6259  
Charla Bodle Talent Acquisition Specialist 907-450-8274  
Chris Triplett, SHRM-CP Talent Acquisition Specialist  907-450-8276  

The ADA Accessibility team is dedicated to providing accessibility support and accommodations throughout the hiring process and in the workplace. 

Email us for accommodations, support, and inquiries.

The HR Systems team administers and optimizes HR technology solutions and provides data reporting and analytics.

Jamie Heckman, PMP Director 907- 450-8200  
Austin Somaduroff HR Data Analyst 907-450-8213  
Amy Talbot HR Systems Business Analyst 907-450-8200  
John McGee HR Systems Business Analyst 907-450-8277  
Logan Juhl HR Systems Specialist 907-450-8257  
Niaomi Wingate HR Systems Specialist 907-450-8200  


Physical Locations:

UA HR Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 8 am- 5 pm at (907) 450-8200 or email. To schedule a meeting via Zoom or face-to-face with a specific department, please call Customer Service or email the department listed in the drop-downs above. 



1815 Bragaw Street, Suite 102
UA Bragaw Office Building, Suite 102
Anchorage, AK 99508

Note: Drop box located outside the main entrance of the building



2025 Yukon Drive
211 Butrovich Building
PO Box 755140
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Note: Drop box located inside the Butrovich Building attached to the wall near suite 211



11066 Auke Lake Way, Mailstop: SOB2
Soboleff 225
Juneau, AK 99801