State of Alaska's Public Employees’ Retirement System is comprised of Defined Benefit plans (Tiers I - III) and Defined Contribution plans (Tier IV).
State of Alaska's Teachers’ Retirement System comprised of Defined Benefit plans (Tiers I - II) and Defined Contribution Plans (Tier III).
University of Alaska's Optional Retirement Plan comprised of a Defined Contribution retirement plan.
  University of Alaska Pension Plan
A 401(a) retirement plan that is comprised of University only contributions.


  Tax-Deferred Annuity - 403(b)
A voluntary 403(b) retirement plan that is comprised of employee only contributions.
  Deferred Compensation Plan - 457(b)
Only Officers and Senior Administrators are eligible to participate in this 457(b) retirement plan.
  Social Security & Medicare
See how Social Security and Medicare impact your retirement.
Our offboarding webpage provides a one-stop-shop for those who are leaving the University or retiring.



  Basic Life Insurance
Benefit-eligible employees are automatically enrolled in $100,000 of basic life insurance.
  Supplemental Life Insurance
Supplemental Life Insurance is provided to benefit-eligible employees who wish to enroll themselves in more coverage beyond the Basic $100,000 - or who wish to enroll their spouse/FIP or child(ren).
  Accidental Death and Dismemberment
AD&D allows you to enroll in employee-only or family coverage to provide financial security in case of an accident. Employees can choose to purchase this coverage to supplement their Basic and/or Supplemental Life Insurance.
The Benefit Enhancement Program - powered by Corestream provides discounts for Accident Insurance, Identity Theft, and more!