Tuition Waiver

Eligible employees and their dependents can use the tuition waiver to take college level courses and even earn a degree.


  • Up to eight (8) credit hours of University course credits per semester
  • Maximum of 16 credit hours per academic year

Family Members of Employees

  • No cap on credits
  • Children must be under 24 years old

Tuition Waiver Details

Fall thru Summer

  • The academic year begins each fall and ends with the following year's summer semester

No Waiting Period

  • Employees and dependents can use the tuition waiver right away as long as the employee was in a benefit-eligible position as of the first day of instruction

During Work Hours

  • Employees may take up to three (3) credit hours during working hours without being required to make up the time if the course will enhance job-related skills or knowledge
  • Prior approval must be granted by the employee's supervisor and the appropriate forms completed

Non-credit Courses

  • Employees may have course charges waived for up to four (4) non-credit courses from a UA-approved list per semester, with prior approval from their supervisor
  • Non-credit courses are designed to enhance job-related skills and work performance

No Credit Cap

There is no cap on credits for dependents. Children attending classes must be under the age of 24 to receive the tuition waiver.

Reach out to Campus

Adjunct tuition waivers work a little bit differently. Please reach out to the campus directly.

Fees Outside Tuition are Student's Responsibility

  • Fees include (but are not limited to) lab, supply, technology, student activity, health center fees, and books
  • Fees are the student's responsibility (student can mean the employee, their spouse/Financially Interdependent Partner (FIP) or child(ren) in this case)

Taxable Income

  • Graduate level courses will have the value of these classes added to the employee’s gross income and taxed as if it were regular earnings
  • If an employee is taking graduate-level courses that are a requirement of an employee's position, these courses may not be subject to taxation


  • Benefit-eligible faculty and staff working a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • Spouses/Financially Interdependent Partners (FIPs) of eligible employees
  • Children of eligible employees (children must be under the age of 24)