UA Benefits and Compensation

The University of Alaska prides itself on taking care of all employees, no matter where you may find yourself in the Last Frontier.  As one of Alaska's largest employers, we know you expect nothing short of the best when it comes to your employee benefits. 


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The documents and forms below reference our current plan year (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023).
If you are looking for plan year information from July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024, please go to our Open Enrollment website.

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Health & Wellness

The health & wellness program offers coverage for you and your family not only in case of illness, but also includes several provisions that focus on preventive care and personal wellness.

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Retirement & Financial Security

The State of Alaska and University offer several retirement plans that help employees save for their future. Additionally, the University provides life insurance that can help protect your family from loss of income.

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Holidays & Leave

The University offers various leave options for both faculty and staff employees, including paid holidays, Family Medical Leave, sick leave, and others.

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Employee Support

Employees have access to a variety of assistance programs that cover a multitude of services including, but not limited to, addressing mental health concerns, estate planning, and assisting with medical claims.

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Education Benefits

The University of Alaska Education Benefits policy provides various education benefits for eligible faculty and staff members, their partners and eligible dependent children.

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Classification & Compensation

Classification and compensation are key components to the University's ability to recruit and retain top talent.