TouchCare is a health care advocate. They work directly with UA employees on health care questions.​ 

All Employees
All employees, including temporary employees, are eligible to reach out to TouchCare to discuss any questions they have on their medical, dental, or vision plans.

Service Automatically Provided
As a university employee, there is nothing to do to enroll in TouchCare's services. Simply reach out to them directly at 1-866-486-8242 or create an account and login on the TouchCare website.

TouchCare is available to all UA employees. They assist with

  • Benefit education and enrollment assistance - including during Open Enrollment
  • Claims and billing issues or questions
  • Understanding how to use benefits
  • Procedure costs - allowing comparison between the best locations for the procedure both medically and financially
  • FSA and HSA participation
  • Finding an in-network provider

Online Portal
Access the TouchCare website at any time.  

UA has several resources available to employees who need assistance.  When in doubt, please email and we will be sure to direct the questions appropriately. ​ ​

UA Benefits Team | or Meet with Us

  • Need help submitting a form or providing documentation for a dependent?
  • Want confirmation of coverage begin and end dates?
  • Want to set up a quick zoom for some basic questions? 

TouchCare | 1-866-486-8242 | Monday - Friday from 8am-9pm Eastern (4am - 5pm Alaskan) |

  • Need help determining what plan works best for you and your family? 
  • Need help finding a provider or doing price comparisons?
  • Received a bill that may be incorrect?