Performance Center

Staff Annual Evaluations

This is a reminder that staff performance evaluations are due annually by June 30th. It is UA’s goal that 100% of staff members receive an annual evaluation.

Performance evaluations engage supervisors and employees in discussing expectations and provide opportunities for coaching and feedback.

There are two options for completing annual performance evaluations. 




If completing the paper Performance Evaluation form, submit the PDF through the NextGen form found in the UA HR Knowledge Base

Performance Management

Supervisors and Employees should communicate regularly. Holding one on one and  team meetings are proactive ways to keep your team connected and engaged.

Setting clear expectations, coaching employees in areas that need improvement and taking responsibility for your actions and behavior are all ways to manage performance.

Address issues in performance or conduct immediately. If an issue persists, reach out to the Labor and Employee Relations for guidance or to appropriately process discipline.

For more resources on Performance Management please see the documents below.