Joint Health Care Committee

The Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC) is an advising body that discusses proposed changes to the UA Choice health plans - including cost and plan design. The JHCC has seats for UNAC, Local 6070, Fairbanks Fire Fighters Association, UA management, and Staff Alliance with representatives voicing the opinions of their groups. Committee members listen to recommendations and supporting data from the Benefits and HR Accounting departments on proposed changes and may pass motions of recommendation for consideration by the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). The JHCC meets once a month on the third Wednesday from 1pm -3pm via Zoom.

JHCC Member Affiliation
Abel Bult-Ito  UNAC
Leah Berman UNAC
Jill Dumesnil  UNAC
Melanie Arthur (Alternate) UNAC
Stephanie Tranby Local 6070
Charles Silva Local 6070
Michael Koskie Local 6070
David Mattox Fire Fighters Association
Greg Bean (Alternate) Fire Fighters Association
Tanya Hollis Management
Michael Ciri Management
David Weaver Management
Ryan Buchholdt (Alternate) Management
Monique Musick Staff Alliance
Matthew Mund (JHCC Chair) Staff Alliance
Rachel Potter (Alternate) Staff Alliance
Memry Dahl (CHRO) Ex-Officio
Heather Arana (Director of Benefits and Compensation) Ex-Officio
Camille Carpenter (HR Accounting) Staff
Timothy Armbruster (HR Accounting) Staff
Jenn Clapp (Benefits) Staff
David Hinkley (Lockton) Guest Speaker
Rich Allen (Lockton) Guest Speaker
Sharon Marton-Thom (Excelsior/Lockton) Guest Speaker
Greg Bigwood (Excelsior/Lockton) Guest Speaker



JHCC Meeting Agendas
May 17, 2023
JHCC Meeting Notes
May 17, 2023