Sick Leave

Sick leave is provided by the university to both faculty and staff positions. Review the information below regarding the use and accrual of sick leave. 

All benefit eligible employees - including faculty members, regular full-time staff, and regular part-time staff are eligible to accrue sick leave. 

Eligible university employees earn sick leave on a bi-weekly basis. The amount an employee earns depends on the number of hours worked (not including overtime).

Examples of the sick leave accrual for a full-time employee working a maximum of 80 hours per pay period (40 hours per week) and a part-time employee working 40 hours per pay period (20 hours per week) is listed below. Sick leave does not have a cap on accrual but has no monetary value. 

Hours worked per pay period Number of years employed at UA in a position eligible for sick leave Number of hours accrued per pay period Maximum accrual  amount
Maximum of 80 hours All 4.62 hours per pay period Unlimited
40 hours (part time, 50% FTE) All 2.31 hours per pay period Unlimited

Employees may use sick leave for hours they are regularly scheduled to work. If their sick leave balance is exhausted, eligible sick leave hours will be deducted from annual leave. 

Sick leave may be taken for a variety of reasons:

  • Illness or medical condition
  • An appointment with a doctor or dentist
  • Emergency care for members of your immediate family
  • Childbirth (by you or your spouse) or newborn adopted child
  • Adoption of a minor if required by the adoption process

Employees must notify their immediate supervisor within the first hour of the normally scheduled work day (exceptions may be made in emergency situations). An absence due to an illness may require a physician’s note or other verification.

University employees may use accrued sick leave for different types of bereavement leave:

  • An absence within five days after the death of an immediate family member 
  • Up to five consecutive work days to arrange or attend the funeral of an immediate family member
  • Up to one work day to attend the funeral of a friend or relative not in the immediate family. An employee may use up to ten days of sick leave after the death of an immediate family member: for absences within five days after the death of an immediate family member and/or for up to five days to arrange or attend the funeral (at any time). Immediate family member is defined in university regulation R04.06.130.A.2.

More information can be found in the Bereavement FAQs.

Sick leave has no monetary value. It is not paid out to employees who are separating from the university. It can be donated in certain cases as long as the donor remains an employee at the time the sick leave hours are used by the recipient. For more information on how to donate, please reach out to or review the leave share program webpage.

This leave is not available after September 30, 2021.