NEW! Empathy - Bereavement Support Services with Securian Life Insurance

flowerBeginning on April 5, 2024, Empathy, a bereavement support service that helps beneficiaries get back on their feet after the loss of a loved one will be available on all UA Life Insurance plans. Below are a few highlights of this newly available benefit:

  1. Empathy is available at no cost.
  2. Empathy provides real-time human support from dedicated care managers who work on a personalized care plan that is tailored to the family’s needs.
  3. Empathy’s Care managers can provide guidance on navigating the probate process and estate settlements
  4. Provides emotional and grief resources to help bring about healing.

Beneficiaries will be invited to take advantage of this program via the app or website during the claims process. They can visit or download the Empathy app and use access code: emp-securian. We encourage you to share this resource with your beneficiaries.

As a reminder, all benefit eligible employees are offered a $100,000 life insurance policy automatically. The cost of this coverage is paid for by the University of Alaska. There are imputed taxes on Basic Life Insurance and more information on the tax considerations can be found on our website. Employees can also elect Supplemental Life Insurance to cover themselves (the employee), their spouse/Financially Interdependent Partner (FIP), or child(ren). Empathy covers all of these plans at no cost.

Watch a short video about Empathy here.

Print this flier and keep it with your important documents.

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