Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC)

Face to Face Meeting

October 17-18, 2011

UAA Campus, Administration Bdg. Rm. 204

Telephone Access: 1-800-893-8850 Participant Code: 7787450

Via Video:

Admin 204 ANC

212B Butro

Egan 115 JNU


Agenda -- Draft

Agenda -- Draft 9/21/2011

Final Meeting Notes for 9/21/2011

Health Care Overview

Health Care Data

Lockton: 4th Quarter Utilization FY11

Lockton: Health Care Reform 2013-2018

Lockton: WIN 4th Quarter Report FY11

Meeting Minutes -- Draft 8/17/2011

Tobacco Surcharge Form

Tobacco Surcharge Form -- Final (10/21/2011)

Weight Management Comparison Summery

$300K Wellness Subcommittee Meeting Notes -- 9/28/2011

Wellness Subcommittee Meeting Notes -- 10/12/2011

Wellness Event Funding Flyer

Wellness Event Funding Request Form

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