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Terminations (UA System)

The employee termination process consists of three elements:

  • Termination Entry - termination information entered in Banner by PPA/CCC
  • HR Job Termination (HRJT) - ends current and future active jobs for employee via the electronic approval (EPAF) process; sends email to appropriate contacts
  • HR System Termination (HRST) - performs full system termination (includes collecting outstanding balances, final pay, and ending deduction; sends email to appropriate contacts
Department Resources

NEA2TRM Entry Procedures (rev 11/3/14)
Troubleshooting - NEA2TRM
Termination Code Definitions
Term Code Use in Term Workflow Process
Employee Exit Letter
Supervisor Notification - Employee Transfer or Term

Security Access Request Forms:

Other Resources:
Benefits | Retirement | Pension | COBRA | TDA

UA Policy and Regulation

Contact Listings (Workflow)

Campus Email List Locations
Clearance Departments (A)
Budget Departments (B)
Grants & Contracts Departments (B)
Notification Departments (B)
Email Account Administrators (C)
Security Administrators (D)
Benefit Coordinators (E)
Recruitment Coordinators (F)

Term Process Overview

Current Improved Process:
- Process Timeline Sample
- Workflow Overview
- HRJT Workflow
- HRST Workflow

Previous Process:
- Phase I
- Phase II

PPA/CCC/Supervisor Intro - July 2007
PPA/CCC/Supervisor Update - Nov 2007

HR Resources

EA Routing Setup (NTRROUT)
Workflow Reports (rev 8/5/10)
Personnel Entry Procedures (rev 11/3/14)
Troubleshooting - Personnel Entry
Payroll Entry Procedures (rev 1/7/15)
Troubleshooting - Payroll Entry
Workflow Administrative Procedures

Policy and Regulation:
04.01.055 - Termination
04.04.047 - Termination of Faculty Appt
04.07.060 - Termination for Cause
04.07.080 - Resignation
04.07.090 - Retirement
04.07.100 - Nonretention
04.07.110 - Layoff, Recall, & Release
04.07.120 - Exit Interviews

Email Samples (Workflow)

HRJT Workflow

Submitter (PPA/CCC):
Job Term with Cont'd Employment

Full Employment Termination
Job Term with Cont'd Employment

HR Director (B):
Sensitive Termination

Labor Relations (B):
Layoff or Reduction in Force
Sensitive Termination

Budget (B):
Benefit-eligible Termination

Grants & Contracts (B):
Restricted Fund Charge

Recruitment (F):
Contact HR Prior to Rehire

Payroll (B):
Job Term with Cont'd Employment
Terminal Leave Usage

Personnel (B):
Missing EA Number
Primary Job Ending


HRST Workflow

Submitter (PPA/CCC):
Full Employment Termination

Full Employment Termination

Retiring Employee:
Employee Retirement Notification

Clearance Departments (A):
Request to Clearance Depts
Response from Clearance Depts

Notification List (B):
Job or Employment Termination

Email Account Administrators (C):
Email Account Access

Security Administrators (D):
System Access

Recruitment (F):
System Access

Benefits (E):
Exit Information

UA Foundation (B):
Active Deduction

Records Retention (B):
File Copy


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