W-2 Form Access via UAOnline

Each year the UA HR office will mail out a physical copy of the Form W-2 to all employees that worked during the year. They will be mailed out no later than January 31st, and can take up to two weeks to arrive. 

Employees may also access their Form W-2 through UAOnline for the current calendar year. The online version of the form can be printed and submitted to the IRS when submitting your tax return.

View/Print Your W-2 in UAOnline

  1. Login to UAOnline
  2. Select the "Employee Services" menu
  3. Select the "Tax Forms" menu
  4. Select "W-2 Year End Earnings Statement"
  5. Select the tax year from the drop-down list, and then "Display"
  6. Scroll down the page, and select the "Print..." button
  7. Once the form opens, you will be able to print the form using your browser's print function
  8. Scroll down the page, and click on the Printable W-2 box.
  9. Once the form opens, you will be able to print the form using your browser's print function.

Saving the W-2 Form

You can print a hard copy of the form using your browser's print function.

To save a copy of the form, use your computer's print to PDF function to save a PDF version of the form.

NOTE: Your W-2 form contains your Social Security number (SSN). If you save an electronic copy of your W-2 form, please keep the file in a safe location. For your security, do not send the file via unsecured means (such as email) without first encrypting/securing the file.

W-2 Questions?

W-2 Contact in HR

UA Human Resources Accounting - ua-accounting@alaska.edu

The HR Accounting Team can only provide information related to the W-2 produced by the University of Alaska. For tax advice or questions regarding filing procedures, please contact the IRS or your tax advisor.

UAOnline Login Help

Browser Compatibility

UAOnline supports most common Internet browsers. If you experience problems with viewing, printing, or saving your W-2 form in UAOnline, try using a different browser or download an updated version of your current browser. 

UA Online Login Support

If you need login assistance with UAOnline, please follow the "Need help logging in?" link on the UAOnline login page for instructions in contacting your campus IT Help Desk.

For assistance with W-2 information or other tax forms issued by the University of Alaska, please submit a request for assistance with HR Accounting.