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FY22 Furlough Information

May 4, 2021

After careful consideration and consulting with the chancellors, President Pitney is extending the systemwide furlough into FY22 of all executive-level university employees in accordance with University Regulation R04.07.115. 

The furloughs will affect approximately 180 people including President Pitney, the chancellors, executive officers and senior administrators across the system as well as faculty who hold significant administrative leadership roles including deans and directors, although chancellors may decide to exempt certain positions. Designated officers of the university will incur ten (10) furlough days and designated senior administrators and non-represented faculty serving in leadership roles will incur eight (8) days. 

The total budget impact of the FY22 furloughs is anticipated to be $775,000 and future cost-reduction measures will be considered before the final budget is adopted by the Board of Regents in June. 

FY22 Furlough FAQ - updated May 4, 2021

Furlough policy and regulations

The Board of Regents adopted P04.07.115, Employee Furlough, in December 2014. The University Regulation on implementation of furloughs is R04.07.115, Employee Furlough. Copies of the policy and regulation can be viewed at

Under the policy and regulation, a furlough may be implemented to address budgetary shortfalls in any unit of the university. A furlough is defined as a temporary unpaid leave for a designated period of time, or a prospective, temporary reduction in pay. 

A furlough plan will be implemented upon recommendation of the chancellor and the vice president for finance and administration, and approval of the president.

The Statewide Office of Human Resources will distribute notice of the president’s approval of a furlough plan to affected employees at least sixty (60) days prior to implementation. The furlough plan will specify the amount or percentage of furlough time and the applicable time period.

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