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Ethics Forms & Reference Documents

NOTE: Please contact UA General Counsel for assistance with ethics forms and/or policies.


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Ethics Forms

Disclosure of Employment of Immediate Family Member Form (Nepotism Form)

For UA employees to disclose the employment of immediate family members.

Employment or Service Outside UA Memo

Memo regarding ethics disclosure guidelines for UA faculty, staff, and student employees.

General Counsel Ethics Forms and Training

Employment or Service Outside UA Disclosure Form - Faculty, Staff, & Student Employees

Used by faculty, staff, and student employees to disclose other employment,service, or activities outside of the University of Alaska.

Ethics Determination Request Form

To submit a confidential request for an ethics determination.

Ethics Disclosure - Interest in Contracts, Grants, Leases, or Loans

Used by an employee to disclose a personal or financial interest in a state grant, contract, lease, or loan held by the employee or a family member and awarded, executed, or administered by the university.

Ethics Disclosure - Notification of Receipt of Gift

Used by an employee to disclose the receipt of a gift by the employee or a member of the employee's family.

Reference Documents

Alaska Administrative Code

Alaska Administrative Code regulations from Chapter 52 Executive Branch Code of Ethics.

Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act - Quick Reference

Quick reference document for the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.

United Academics (UNAC) Faculty - Ethics Act Compliance Reading "Works"

Summary of UNAC faculty "Works" compliance guidance.


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