Commercial Travel Card Program



  1. Airfare should be purchased through the booking tool using a university ghost card.
  2. Travelers should use university-paid corporate cards issued in the traveler’s name to incur travel expenses.

Travel Agency Card

  1. Held by UA's travel agency, Corporate Travel Management (CTM)
  2. Considered a “ghost” or “lodge” card because the plastic does not exist
  3. Pays for airfare and related expenses (e.g. agent fees) booked through the booking tool or directly with CTM
  4. Also used by CTM to pay for lodging pay requests

UA Travel Card

  1. Available to any employee traveling on authorized UA business
  2. University billed and paid
  3. Pays for all remaining travel expenses
  4. Transactions feed directly into the cardholder’s "Available Expenses" in the Concur Expense module for easy reconciliation

Here are examples of travel items cardholders can purchase:

  1. Airfare related charges such as baggage fees and internet
  2. Lodging including hotels, Airbnb and VRBO
  3. Car rental and related expenses such as fuel and parking
  4. Ground transportation such as taxis, Uber, Lyft and trains
  5. Food and beverages during travel ("per diem offset” or “actual meal”)
  6. Registration fees
  7. Field supplies for remote fieldwork

Learn more on our Travel Card Program page.