Commercial Travel Card Program


  1. Airfare should be purchased through the booking tool using a university ghost card. 
  2. Travelers should use university‐paid corporate cards issued in the traveler’s name to incur travel  expenses.  

Approved Uses:

The UA Travel Card should be used for travel related expenditures incurred for the purposes of conducting university business. The UA Travel Card is not to be used for personal expenses. Typical purchases on the UA Travel Card include:

  1. Airfare
  2. Lodging
  3. Car Rental, including related gasoline and other expenses
  4. Parking
  5. Ground Transportation (taxi, bus, train, other)
  6. Meals

Traveler Impact:

The traveler will no longer carry the monetary burden of personally paying for travel expenses in advance since the University will pay the UA Travel Card. Travelers will also enjoy a simple card reconciliation process, and use of mobile apps to scan receipts. As travelers use the program, there is less data entry required on the expense report (by the traveler and/or delegate) as many fields will be pre-populated with the credit card data. Reconciliation at the cardholder level will be less effort because all that will be needed is to assign the card transactions to the expense report. Overall, the traveler impact will be reduced significantly.