Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses



  1. Non-reimbursable travel is defined as personal, unallowable, or other expenses not subject to reimbursement such as those described below
    1. Travel accident insurance coverage for UA employees or UA Regents;
    2. Vehicle repairs, towing services, lubrication, tire replacement, etc. for privately-owned vehicles;
    3. Expenses for pets;
    4. Fines or penalties for parking or other violations, whether in a personal vehicle or in a rented vehicle;
    5. Laundry and dry cleaning, except when travel is in excess of four days;
    6. Lodging and meal expenses (including the incremental cost of additional lodging or room charges) for family members, travel companions and others not on authorized university business;
    7. Frequent flyer mileage charges associated with rental car or hotel participation;
    8. Valet parking, unless this is the only viable parking option;
    9. Alcohol, unless part of a representational entertainment expense reimbursed with a non-public funding source (such as UA Foundation funds);
    10. Membership fees for airline board rooms, lounges, clubs and similar arrangements.