Non-University Travelers


  1. Family members or companions are not authorized to accompany university employees on business trips at the university’s expense. The university shall have no liability for family members or others who accompany authorized travelers on local or non-local travel.
  2. Employee candidate spousal travel for recruitment purposes. As a general rule, the university does not pay for expenses incurred by a spouse on a recruiting visit. If the department believes that the spouse’s expenses should be paid for by the university, documentation must demonstrate that doing so would be in the best business interest of the university. The need for spousal travel must be clearly identified on the travel request, and such travel request must be approved by the hiring authority. In these rare cases, spouses may be reimbursed for transportation costs only, by the most cost-effective mode of travel.

Expenses are not reimbursable for family members or companions not on authorized UA travel.

Employee candidate spousal travel for recruitment is not typically covered by the university.

  • Supporting documentation is required if the department believes the university should pay for the spouse's expenses.
  • The Travel Request must clearly identify the need for spousal travel, and the hiring authority must approve the Travel Request.
  • Only the spouse's transportation costs, by the most cost effective mode of travel, are reimbursable.