1. Requiring appropriate levels of approval are important to help safeguard against unnecessary travel and/or unreasonable costs.
  2. Each traveler, except for those individuals specifically authorized by the university president or the appropriate chancellor, must have approval by an authorized travel approver prior to commitment of university funds. An authorized approver is generally the supervisor, but will be the researcher or principal investigator in the case of grant funding.
  3. All international travel must be approved by the supervisor, including international travel of those otherwise authorized to approve their own travel.
  4. The chair of the Board of Regents shall approve regent travel, except for board meetings or commencement activities, which need no preā€approval.

Travel Request

Concur is programmed to apply regulatory approval requirements to the Travel Request.

  1. At least one authorized approver on each Travel Request, except for self-approvers on domestic travel
    1. Supervisor/Default Approver approval on travel paid with unrestricted funds
    2. Cost Object Approver (COA) approval on travel paid with restricted funds
    3. Supervisor/Default Approver approval on travel paid with restricted funds for which the traveler is the COA; Concur is programmed with a "skip-step" to reroute the Travel Request
  2. Supervisor/Default Approver approval on all international Travel Requests

Expense Report

Concur is also programmed to apply most regulatory approval requirements to the Expense Report in accordance with R05.02.060.A.(15).

  1. Expenditure authority approval if over 10% and $200 of the Travel Request estimate
  2. Expenditure authority approval if the funding source changes from the Travel Request
    1. Allocated expenses are not automatically routed for re-approval
    2. The Processor routes the Expense Report to additional approvers as required
  3. Supervisor/Default Approver approval if the traveler is the expenditure authority

Designated Approver in Concur

The Default Approver for employees is their supervisor as listed in Banner form NEA2SPE. Employees without an assigned supervisor in Banner are manually profiled with their supervisor as the Default Approver.

The Default Approver for non-employees is the authorized financial approver.

The Cost Object Approver (COA) is the Researcher assigned to the restricted fund in Banner page FTMFUND. If the "Researcher" field is blank in FTMFUND, then the COA is the PI assigned in Banner page FRAGRNT.