Resource Library

Concur is a user-friendly, web-based travel and expense software platform that integrates the travel request (authorization), booking, expense report, reimbursement and card reconciliation processes. Concur is configured to fit UA needs and perform automatic functions that reduce data entry and paperwork. Concur also provides cutting-edge tools for on-the-go trip management and a robust reporting system.

Concur offers an assistance tool in the platform. Hover over the large blue question mark on the right-hand side of the screen and click “Get Assistance.” From there, you can search for many topics to receive videos and on-screen help. Keep in mind that the Concur assistance provides basic guidance on using the Concur system but does not reflect differences in system configuration for UA.

Our training libraries include PDF guides created by UA that do reflect differences in system configuration for UA. Select a module to discover what materials are available for each step of the travel process!


profile training library

Get started in Concur including set travel preferences & assign delegates

Request Training Library

Plan, organize and request approvals for UA business travel

travel module training library

Booking tool for airfare, car rental, lodging and train

expense module training library

Manage expenses, travel card charges, receipts & expense reports

approvals module training library

Approve travel requests & expense reports

mobile tools training library

On-the-go tools for travelers and approvers to manage travel and expenses

reporting module training library

Learn how to use the travel reporting tools available in Concur

admin manual training library

Download the UA travel admin manual and appendixes