The Expense module in Concur is used to manage expenses, receipts and expense reports. The Expense Report is the official document for approving travel costs and dates associated with an authorized trip. It provides final documentation of the trip as it happens including detailed itemization of costs and modifications made after the Request is approved.

An Expense Report is required for all trips that incur costs paid by UA (prepaid or reimbursed). Travelers should submit their Reports within 15 business days of trip completion. Travel reimbursements are only issued through a Report in Concur (local mileage reimbursements are an exception).


Topic Description Concur Video UA Guide
Expense Dashboard
  • How do we view Reports still pending submission or approval?
  • How do we view approved Reports?
  • How do we view available expenses & receipts?
Submit a Report for Travel Expenses
  • When should the traveler or delegate start the Report?
  • How do you start a Report from the approved Request?
  • What steps are required to submit a Report in Concur?
Submit a Report for Non-Travel Expenses
  • When do we need to submit a report for non-travel expenses?
  • How do we remove non-travel travel card charges from Concur?
Report Header
  • Do we need to reenter the Report Header information if it was entered in the Request Header?
  • How do we attach a Request to a Report?
  • Can we edit the Report Header information?
Create a Travel Allowance
  • How do we document time in travel status?
  • How do we edit the entered itinerary?
  • Can you import an itinerary?
  • How do we add per diem to a Report?
  • How do we adjust per diem for provided meals?
(Min 1:07)
Add & Edit Expenses
  • How do we add an expense to a Report?
  • How do we edit single or multiple expenses?
  • How do we copy expenses?

(Add Travel Card)

(Add All Else)

Allocate Expenses
  • Can we change the funding on one expense?
  • Can we allocate the expense to multiple funding sources?
  • Can we break down the allocation by percentage?
Video PDF
Itemize Expenses
  • When is itemization necessary?
  • How do we itemize a hotel expense?
  • How do we itemize other types of expenses?
  • How do we separate personal portions of an expense?


(All Else)

Add Attendees to Expenses
  • How do we add attendees to group or representational allowance expenses?
  • Do we have to manually enter each attendee?
Video PDF
Enter Personal Car Mileage
  • How do we document mileage on a personally owned vehicle?
Receipt Requirements
  • What receipts are required?
  • What information is required on a receipt?
Attach Receipts
  • How do we attach documents to an individual expense?
  • How do we attach general documents to the Report?

(Min 1:36)

Expense a Trip with Personal Travel
  • How do we document personal time taken in conjunction with business travel? 
  • How do we document personal expenses paid on the travel card?
  • How do we document personal expenses paid out of pocket?
Past Fare Quote
  • How do we obtain a "past fare quote"?
Manage Canceled Travel Expenses
  • Do we need to submit a Report for fully refunded expenses?
  • What do we do with expenses that result in a credit?
  • What about airfare that resulted in a partial credit?
  • What if the credit expires?
Expense a Travel Advance
  • How do we view travel cash advances that are still active?
  • How do we reconcile a travel cash advance? 
  • How is an amount owed repaid?
Recall a Report
  • How do we make changes to a submitted Report?
Report Totals
  • How do we interpret the Report totals?
  • Where do we find the reimbursement amount owed the traveler?
  • Where do we find the amount the traveler owes UA?
Report Approval Flow
  • How do we view the assigned approvers in the approval flow?
  • Who is required to approve the Report?
Returned Report
  • What do we do when a Report is returned to the traveler?
Report Approved for Payment
  • What is the reimbursement process once a Report is approved?
  • How do we coordinate reimbursement via a wire transfer?
  • How do we coordinate reimbursement to a third-party vendor?

The Concur videos illustrate the basics of using the Concur system but do not reflect differences in system configuration for UA.