Before Travel

Request to Travel
If this is your first time using the Concur Travel Program.  Please visit the First Time Users Section.
Per University Regulation a traveler must submit a travel request (TA) for approval by the authorized approver.  
The traveler shall use the travel and expense management system (Concur) to submit the travel request.
Once the request is approved the travel can be booked.

 During Travel

During Travel
Utilize your UA Travel Card that will import charges directly into your online Concur expense report.
Use Concur Mobile  to collect and organize receipts for expense report.
Use TripIt Mobile to create your master itinerary.



 After Travel

Create an expense report from completed trip using your ereceipts or upload any additional receipts.  If UA Travel Card was used, simply allocate to proper accounting. 
Submit your properly completed travel expense report within 15 days of return from travel.