The traveler is responsible for complying with department and UA policies and regulations, and for exercising good stewardship of UA funds.

This includes

  1. Familiarizing yourself with the regulations and policies of UA as well as your campus, department and program
  2. Obtaining prior authorization for travel through a Travel Request
  3. Ensuring expenditures are necessary and appropriate for meeting business needs, including selecting the lowest‐price fare/cost within the bounds of the most efficient mode
  4. Verifying that all travel arrangements are confirmed prior to departure
  5. Paying costs and any additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience
  6. Notifying the appropriate contact when there are changes/cancellations or if requesting refunds
  7. Obtaining all proper documentation (e.g. itemized receipts) for each expense except “Per Diem Offset” and “Personal/Non Reimbursable”
  8. Ensuring the Expense Report is prepared and submitted with appropriate receipts within 90 days of trip completion

All international travel requires supervisor approval including international travel for those otherwise authorized to approve their own travel. Concur is programmed to route the Travel Request for this required approval. 

Fly America Act

Federally funded travel to and from international destinations requires compliance with the Fly America Act. UA supports the Fly America Act by requiring all travelers using federal funding to fly on an American air carrier into and out of the US regardless of cost and/or travel times.

Our travel processes are designed to aid travelers in complying with university and federal requirements on international travel:

  1. The Concur Travel booking tool provides a "gray shield with check-mark" icon to indicate a flight is Fly America compliant
  2. UA's travel agents at Corporate Travel Management (CTM) are knowledgeable on Fly America requirements and will ensure flights are compliant if you contact them directly to book airfare

Export Controls

US Export Control laws regulate the transfer (physical and electronic) of goods, technologies and technical data outside of the US for economic, national security and foreign policy reasons. The regulations also cover the provisions of services to restricted entities or denied parties.

The three main regulatory agencies are the Department of State, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Treasury. The list below may trigger the need need for an export license from any of those agencies, although the regulations do contain some licensing exceptions and exemptions.

For foreign travel, this means UA needs to screen the following:

  1. Destination countries for embargoed or sanctioned destinations
  2. Hosting organization or individual or foreign collaborator (for professional conferences, these are the sponsoring institutions) for denied or restricted entities
  3. Transportation of any UA owned equipment either for temporary or permanent export, whether shipped ahead of time or taken as carry-on or checked baggage including laptops, computers, after-market software including encryption, scientific instruments, etc.
  4. Any technical data including proprietary or confidential data (e.g. via an NDA) and data required for the design, fabrication, operation or maintenance of military or dual-use technology

To act on behalf of a traveler as a delegate

  1. Log in to your UA Concur account
  2. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the Concur dashboard and open the Profile drop-down menu by clicking the user icon
  3. Select “A Delegate for another user who has granted you this permission” under “Act As” then search for user by name, UA ID, or email address
  4. Select the approver and click “Start Session”
  5. To select a different account, follow steps 2-4 again (you do not need to end the current delegate session)
  6. To end delegate session, select “Myself” from “Act As” and click “Switch”

Hot Tip: When accessing a traveler's account as a delegate, verify that “Acting as <user’s name>” replaces "Profile" in the upper right-hand corner.