During Travel

city skylineThere are several tools available to assist travelers during their trip including UA's travel agency, the UA Travel Card and vendor mobile apps.

Visit the Mobile Tools page for information on available tools to manage your travel and expenses on-the-go.

Visit the Travel Card Program page for information on using a university paid credit card during travel.


Hot Tip: Start the Expense Report as soon as the “Expense” link is available on your Request to help manage your expenses on-the-go. 

Corporate Travel Management (CTM)

CTM is a travel agency contracted by UA to support our travelers with airfare, rental car and hotel reservations made through the Concur booking tool, the rural booking tool or directly with their agents.

Our dedicated UA CTM team is in Anchorage and available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For emergencies, CTM also has agents available 24/7 to assist travelers during our team’s off-hours.

  • General Phone #: 907-786-0107
  • Toll Free #: 833-500-4292 (24 hour service)
  • Email: ua@travelctm.com

CTM's contact information is also found on your Concur homepage under "Company Notes."

Our CTM team provides travel agent services to UA travelers and personnel. This includes managing the following tasks on UA's behalf:

  • Ticket travelers via the Concur Travel booking tool, rural request tool, emails and phone calls
  • Maintain and update the booking tool
  • Administer corporate discounts – The rates visible in the booking tool are based on State of Alaska contract rates and industry standards
  • Transmit traveler information to carriers including mileage memberships, TSA pre-check and passport data
  • Charge the agency card for purchases made via the booking tool, rural request tool, emails and phone calls
  • Cancel purchased tickets when requested, paying any change or cancellation fees using the agency card
  • Upload airfare credit information into Concur and generate a monthly report of available UA credits

Travel Receipts

Save your travel receipts for expense reconciliation after you return from travel. You can also manage them as you travel for quicker reconciliation upon trip completion.

There are a few options for uploading receipts in Concur Expense. Visit our mobile tools training library for videos and downloadable guides on utilizing these features.

  • E-Receipts - Activate e-receipts and all air, lodging and vehicle rental receipts from participating vendors are automatically uploaded in your "Available Expenses"
  • ExpenseIt - Available through the SAP Concur mobile app or by emailing receipts to receipts@expenseit.com, this "smart receipt" AI technology scans receipts for information to create itemizations and assign expense types
  • Mobile App - Use ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur app to take pictures of receipts with your phone's camera and upload them to "Available Expenses" 
  • Scan - Scan images of receipts to a computer using a scanner and import from the device to your "Available Receipts"

Hot Tip: For travelers that prefer not to manage meal receipts, you can claim per diem for the trip and expense all meals paid on the UA travel card as “Per Diem Offset Meal.” You can use the Per Diem Reduction expense to reduce any remaining per diem not claimed for reimbursement.

Receipts are required for all UA business travel expenses except “per diem offset meal,” even when the expense is paid on the agency card held by CTM or the UA travel card held by employees.

Except for air, lodging and vehicle rental, individual expenses less than $75 are reimbursable without a receipt in the event the receipt is lost, misplaced or inadvertently not obtained.

  • A receipt is defined as an itemized record (paper or digital) issued by the vendor on which the purchased goods or services are listed with the total amount paid and the prices for each.
  • Receipts for “Actual Meal” expenses require itemization and cannot include alcohol purchases.
  • Foreign receipts require explanation by type of expense in English. Currency exchange rates are calculated by Concur.
  • While a charge on the travel card will provide information such as vendor name (in most cases) and total amount paid, receipts provide an itemization and description of the good/service purchased from the vendor by which the business need for the expense is validated. Generally, the itemization and description do not come through with the card charge.