During Travel

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Use this mobile app for confirmation numbers and information regarding your travel:
  • Airline- Flight information containing Confirmation Number with airline flight number, time and date departure and arrival times
  • Hotel - Confirmation Number, Hotel name, address, and contact.  You must use your UA Travel Card for in-state tax-exempt.  
  • Car Rental - Confirmation number, rental company, location, contact information.
    • When authorized, a vehicle may be rented when it is the most cost-effective, efficient means of transportation that meets the business purpose.  Employees are encouraged to utilize State of Alaska contracts which provide discount rates, car upgrades, and insurance coverage. Employees are also encouraged to use their UA Travel Card when renting vehicles because of the primary Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage provided.
    • The university provides self-insurance coverage for rental vehicles if they are to be used exclusively for official business. A certificate of insurance may be obtained from the Office of Risk Management
      If a rental vehicle is to be used for a mix of personal and business purposes, the university's self-insurance coverage is only applicable for the portion of travel applicable to official business. The employee or agent will want to check with his/her insurance agent regarding coverage for personal usage.

Travel Receipts

expense report
Save your travel receipts (excluding receipts that fall within your per diem allocation) for expense reconciliation after you return from travel.
Receipts for airline, hotel, car rental and other travel incidentals for reimbursement can also be scanned and attached by using UA Travel Concur tools.
Attaching Expense Receipts to your Expense
Report while traveling:
  • There are several ways to attach receipts:
    Scan and Upload to Available Receipts-Scan and save the receipt to an easily accessible
    location on your computer. UA Travel-Concur supports .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf,
    .html, .tif, or .tiff file formats with a 5 MB limit per file.
  • If you don't have a smart phone you can scan and email to receipts@concur.com
  • Take a picture-Use your smart phone or other device to take a picture and email to
    submit via the UA Travel-Concur mobile app.