Profile Settings

If you have not traveled in awhile or any information has changed, we recommend reviewing and updating your profile options in Concur.


  1. Click the Concur login link on our website section menu
  2. Login via single sign-on (SSO) using your UA credentials

Your SSO information including passwords is managed by OIT through ELMO.

Profile Settings

  1. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the Concur dashboard and open the Profile drop-down menu by clicking the user icon
  2. Click "Profile Settings"

Hot Tip: We recommend users also set a password in their Concur profile by selecting "Change Password" from the Profile Options menu. This allows you to access Concur via Concur Solutions in the event the UA server is down. If you do not, Concur Solutions is still an accessible login. Click “Forgot password?” to set/reset the account password. This password is not linked with your SSO password.

  1. Select "Personal Information" from the Profile Options menu
  2. Fill in required fields such as middle name, contact information, date of birth and preferred gender. 
  3. Verify and update emergency contacts and travel preferences including mileage and membership plans
  4. DO NOT include special characters such as periods and hyphens - Special characters in the name, mileage plan, etc. may cause your account to error during booking
  5. You can select eligible discount classes under "Travel Preferences"
    1. If the “Government” discount is selected, the booking tool provides federal and state government rates available through the vendor
    2. Unless you are eligible for federal or other state government rates/discounts, we recommend deselecting this preference before booking out-of-state travel

You can also verify your email address and activate e-receipts from the Personal Information screen (see below).

Verifying an email address enables you to forward receipts from the verified email account directly to your "Available Receipts" section of Concur Expense. Once verified, you can email receipts to or and forward itineraries to

We recommend verifying all email addresses used to receive receipts for UA business travel.

  1. Select "Personal Information" from the Profile Options menu and scroll down the page to the "Email Addresses" section
    Click the "Email Addresses" link under Your Information in the left-hand navigation pane
  2. Click the "Verify" link next to the email address you want to verify
  3. The system sends a verification code to the email address
  4. Enter the verification code in the Enter Code field and click “OK”
  5. A confirmation message appears with information on where to send receipts and trip itineraries (from non-Concur/CTM bookings)
  6. The email now has a green check indicating it as “Verified;” click Save

Email Notifications

Concur offers multiple email notification options for Request, Travel and Expense. You can manage some of the Concur email notification settings in three areas of your profile: System Settings, Request Preferences and Expense Preferences.

Hot Tip: Emails sent to travelers from Concur come from an @concursolutions email address. Emails sent from CTM come from UA recommends marking these email addresses as safe senders. Otherwise, important emails may filter to a spam folder.

Click the “E-Receipt Activation” link under Other Settings in the left-hand navigation pane. You can enable or disabled e-receipts at any time.

E-receipts are available for vendors with a Concur relationship. After you enable e-receipts and either connect to a supplier through the App Center or the My Travel Network in Concur, those e-receipts show up in Expense under the "Available Expenses" section.

Airfare booked through Concur or CTM also has an e-receipt connected to the itinerary date. This negates the need to upload an additional receipt for airfare. At the very least, we recommend you activate e-receipts because of the airfare receipt.

A delegate is a person authorized to act on your behalf in Concur. Concur Request and Expense share delegates, so assigning a delegate to one assigns it to the other.

Add Delegate

  1. Select "Expense Delegates" from the Profile Options menu
    Click the "Request Delegates" or "Expense Delegates" link in the left-hand navigation pane
  2. The “Delegates” tab is individuals assigned as delegates to your account
  3. Click “Add” then search for and select the desired delegate’s name
  4. Assign the applicable permissions and click “Save”

Delegate Permissions

  1. Can Prepare – The delegate may prepare Travel Requests and Expense Reports on your behalf. You are still required to submit the Report.
  2. Can Book Travel – The delegate may arrange travel in the Concur Travel booking tool on your behalf. This permission also allows the delegate to view your available airfare credits. Delegates receive the same booking email notifications regardless of who completes the booking.
  3. Can Submit Reports – Delegates cannot submit an Expense Report on your behalf. However, this permission allows the delegate to click “Submit Report” to view and resolve any audit flags before you submit.
  4. Can Submit Requests –The delegate may submit a Travel Request on your behalf. Delegates cannot submit and approve the same Request.
  5. Can View Receipts [and available expenses] – Should check by default when "Can Prepare" is selected.
  6. Receives Emails – The delegate receives system emails sent to you.

Additional Resources

The training library contains videos, downloadable guides and additional information including how to navigate your Concur dashboard.