R05.02.060. Travel and Relocation

The current UA Travel Regulations were approved by the Board of Regents (BOR) on November 1, 2019.  Visit the BOR Policy & University Regulation website for a full list of BOR policies and university regulations. 

Select a section to view the regulations with guidance and scenarios where applicable. Contact the university travel administration if you have suggestions, comments or need additional guidance.

A. Travel

  1. Purpose
  2. Summary and Scope
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Traveler
    2. Travel Coordinator (arranger or delegate)
    3. Authorized Travel Approver (or approving official)
    4. Travel Auditor (central finance office function)
    5. Travel Administrator
  4. Approvals
  5. Travel Status
  6. Travel Request
  7. Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses
  8. Personal Travel
  9. Non-University Travelers
  10. Transportation
    1. General
    2. Air Travel
    3. Credits/Discount Fare Savings/Reimbursements
    4. International Travel and Fly America Act
    5. Vehicle Rentals
    6. Other Modes of Transportation
  11. Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE)
    1. M&IE Rate
    2. Long-Term M&IE Rate
    3. Meals for Group Travel
    4. Lodging
    5. Non-commercial Lodging Allowance Rate
    6. Travel Delays Beyond Traveler’s Control
  12. Other Expenses
    1. Phone Charges
    2. Supplies and Miscellaneous Expenses
    3. Wages Paid During Travel
    4. Temporary Dependent Care Costs
  13. Commercial Travel Card Program
  14. Travel Advances
  15. Travel Expense Reimbursement Process
  16. Risk Management and Insurance
    1. Transportation
    2. Travel Accident Insurance