Travel Request



  1. The traveler or traveler's delegate is required to submit a travel request for approval by the authorized approver. If the request is submitted after the trip took place a justification needs to be provided. If the traveler is also the expenditure authority the request must be submitted to their supervisor for approval, unless the traveler is authorized to approve their own travel.
  2. The traveler shall use the travel and expense management system to submit the travel request and make reservations to realize university negotiated benefits/discounts, provide an electronic record and expedite reimbursement.
  3. Required elements of the travel request include:
    1. Time required for business travel;
    2. Estimated business expenses (e.g., lodging, transportation, meals);
    3. Funding source;
    4. Business purpose – include the work that will be completed and why it needs to be completed;
    5. Destination(s);
    6. Appropriate approvals ‐ as defined in roles and responsibilities;
    7. Advance details – if applicable;
    8. Personal time – if applicable;
    9. Ethics due diligence;
    10. Export control compliance ‐ if applicable.
  4. Completing a travel request does not enroll an individual in any additional University of Alaska insurance coverage.
  5. Travel that is paid partially or wholly by third parties should follow the same approval and request process as university‐paid travel. All applicable travel regulations apply.

A Travel Request submitted and approved through Concur is required for all business travel. This includes trips partially or wholly paid by a third party, including self-funded travel.

A business justification is required if the Request is submitted after trip commencement.

The Travel Request in Concur is designed to capture all information required by these regulations.