Meals for Group Travel



  1. One person is responsible for the meals and incidentals for a group.
  2. Reimbursement to the responsible person will be at actual cost or at an authorized M&IE rate.
  3. Supporting documentation such as a statement from group members is required.
  4. When group members are advanced cash by the responsible person in order to pay for their own meals, individual receipts are not required; however, the responsible person is required to submit a list of names identifying the amount provided to each group member and individually signed by each member as backup documentation for such cash disbursements.

"Group Travel" is when travel is organized, managed and expensed by a group leader instead of the individual group members.

The group leader has two options for handling meal and incidental expenses (M&IE) for themselves and the group during the trip. They are reimbursed at actual meal costs or the authorized per diem allowance, not both.

Per Diem Allowance

  1. The group leader receives and disburses to each group member a per diem allowance 
  2. Group per diem requires a sign off sheet specifying the amount of cash disbursement received by each group member; group leaders are advised to manage this during travel
  3. Group per diem is limited to the allowable amount for each group member at the business location rate
  4. The group leader can use their UA travel card during the trip for M&IE purchases
    1. All M&IE charges are considered “Per Diem Offset Meal”
    2. If they provide a group member with per diem AND purchase them a meal, that meal is still considered “Per Diem Offset Meal”

Actual Meal Support

  1. The group leader uses their UA travel card or personal form of payment to pay for all M&IE at actual cost
  2. The group leader must obtain and attach itemized receipts for all M&IE purchases; cannot include alcohol purchases
  3. A sign off sheet is not required so long as the Travel Request or Expense Report clearly documents the names of group members on the trip