1. Cash advances should be only approved in special circumstances and when absolutely necessary. Other methods of payment should be utilized when possible.
  2. Advances for individual or group travel may be issued to the traveler, at the discretion of the Travel Administrator, if the anticipated reimbursable expenses exceed $100.
  3. Advances allowed when necessary but shall not exceed estimated expenses.
  4. As a general rule, travelers should use the corporate travel card to pay for lodging, meals, transportation and incidentals. If a cash advance is necessary, the corporate travel card may be used for cash advances. Cash advances in the form of a university-issued check are strongly discouraged and only available as a last resort.
  5. Advances secured through corporate travel cards shall not exceed $1,200 per month and/or $300 a day without approval of the university card administrator.
  6. Advances must be submitted or approved by the traveler and follow the request approval process.
  7. Advances shall not be disbursed any earlier than necessary for the business need.
  8. Unused advance funds must be repaid to the proper advance account within 15 days of trip completion.
  9. Uncleared advances may be deducted from an employee’s pay, or from subsequent expense report if submitted within 3 months, if an expense report is not submitted or amounts due to the university on an expense report are not paid.
  10. Advances will not be given to traveler that has over $2,500 of advances that have not been accounted for on an expense report.
  11. Advances may be issued to non-university employees if approved by the Travel Administrator.