1. Transportation is the means by which a traveler gets from one location to another. It can include expenses for commercial air carriers, vehicle mileage allowance, taxi/bus/ferry/rail, and other essential transportation while conducting university business.
  2. Airfare should be purchased through the booking tool.
  3. Business justification will be required if the lowest logical rate is not utilized.
  4. See Risk Management section for details about insurance coverage when using a rental car or other modes of transportation.

Travelers and delegates should always establish bookings with discounted vendors through the Concur Travel booking tool or UA's travel agency, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) to obtain UA's negotiated rates, especially airfare.

A business justification is required when not utilizing the lowest logical cost.

Lowest Logical Cost (or Least Cost Logical) is a business expense that meets the criteria of necessary, prudent and as economical as possible.

Economical meaning the lowest-price fare/cost within the bounds of the most efficient mode.

An efficient mode is normally the most direct route that takes into consideration the business need, the traveler’s time away from their workstation and safety.