Air Travel


  1. Scheduled commercial air carriers shall be utilized for long distance individual travel, unless there is a compelling reason for use of another mode of travel, such as medical necessity, less costly charter flights, or inadequate time schedules. When federal funding is being used for international travel, see below in item d. International Travel and Fly America Act.
  2. The university requires that airfare for approved travel be purchased at least 14 days in advance of travel, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Booking under 14 days requires supervisor approval.
  3. Personally-owned discounts, frequent flyer benefits, or no cost tickets (i.e., rewards/miles/credits) are reimbursed at the traveler’s actual incurred expense, but the value of miles redeemed or value of a no cost ticket is not reimbursable.
  4. Ticket cancellation insurance may be reimbursed when substantiated with a business need.
  5. The university will only reimburse for coach class tickets. Any additional cost for business or first class airline tickets must be paid by the traveler, unless deemed an ADA accommodation.
  6. Fees associated with Global Entry, TSA Pre Check and priority boarding are not reimbursable.
  7. Use of chartered flights may be permissible for official university business, when no scheduled commercial flight is available to meet the travel requirements. The chartered flight/carrier must maintain a valid Air Taxi Certificate and demonstrate the minimum required insurance for Aircraft Charter as outlined on the System Office of Risk Services webpage. Prior to commencing the charter flight, an approval is required by the purchasing officer and a certificate of insurance must be furnished to the university campus risk management.
  8. Baggage charges paid or reimbursed by the university shall be limited to personal and university baggage necessary to carry out university business.

Booking Airfare

  • The standard UA guidance is to use the Concur Travel booking tool or UA's travel agency, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) to book travel
  • Travelers and delegates should always establish bookings with discounted vendors through the booking tool or CTM to obtain our negotiated rates, especially airfare
  • If a traveler chooses to book directly with a discounted vendor (i.e. outside of Concur/CTM) for personal convenience, they should obtain a business-only cost comparison for the same flights in the booking tool (see 8. Personal Travel)
  • Travelers and delegates must book airfare at least 14 days in advance except when circumstances prevent this
  • Booking under 14 days requires supervisor approval

Airline Fare Classes

  • To aid travelers, the Concur Travel booking tool is programmed to only list allowable fare classes (coach, main cabin, etc.)
  • Business and first class tickets are not allowable for reimbursement at full cost unless there is an ADA exception
    • If a traveler chooses to purchase a business or first class ticket, a coach class business-only cost comparison is required and the additional cost is considered a personal expense (see 8. Personal Travel)
    • Business or first class ticket purchases are not allowable with a business justification or need
    • The only allowable exception for business or first class tickets is an ADA accommodation documented through UA