Roles and Responsibilities


  1. Traveler
    1. Responsible for complying with department and university policies and regulations, and for exercising good stewardship of university funds.
    2. Obtain prior authorization for travel.
    3. Select the lowest-price fare/cost within the bounds of the most efficient mode.
    4. Pay costs and any additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience.
    5. Verify that all travel arrangements are confirmed prior to departure.
    6. Notify appropriate contact when there are changes/cancellations or if requesting refunds.
    7. Obtain all proper documentation for each expense.
    8. Ensure reimbursement is prepared and submitted with appropriate receipts in a timely manner.
  2. Travel coordinator (arranger or delegate) - An individual other than the traveler who prepares travel documents on behalf of a traveler and assists with travel reservations and payment of expenses.
    1. Understand travel regulations and provide guidance to traveler.
    2. Prepare and/or ensure supporting documentation substantiates business purpose.
    3. Aware of fiscal procedures and the accounting manual.
    4. Should not arrange travel that is not related to business.
  3. Authorized travel approver (or approving official) – An individual who is authorized to approve travel and time away from work station. May also be the individual authorized to expend funds.
    1. Verify expense is charged to the proper accounts.
    2. Ensure validity of business need for travel.
    3. Responsible for approving ‘audit flags’ in the travel and expense management system. Examples are high dollar amount, missing fields, policy violations.
  4. Travel auditor (central finance office function) – The individual responsible for reviewing expense reports for compliance with travel regulation and procedures.
    1. Authority to allow, reduce, or disallow reimbursements per these regulations.
  5. Travel administrator – The individual designated by the chief financial officer of each university and statewide as the individual responsible for administration of the travel policies and procedures for each major administrative unit.
    1. Circumstances not addressed in these travel regulations are reviewed by the travel administrator for a final determination.