Credits/Discount Fare Savings/Reimbursement


  1. When an airline ticket is unused, a credit/refund shall be requested directly from the carrier, travel agency, or other vendor.
  2. If no refund is available, unused tickets should be retained for subsequent university travel or sold to the employee at actual cost.
  3. Travelers are not entitled to any savings resulting from the use of lower fare credits/discount fares/credit vouchers.
  4. No employee or official may accept any gratuity resulting from, or based on, university travel, unless such gratuity is received for the exclusive benefit of the university or is nominal in value (less than $25). Acceptance of such gifts from an airline, travel agency, or other vendor is governed by Regents' Policy and related regulations regarding conflict of interest, ethics, and ethics violations.
  5. Canceled and changed reservations
    1. The traveler is responsible to verify flight arrangements and ensure all bookings are correct.
    2. Change fees and difference in fare must be substantiated with a business need.
    3. The university will not be responsible for additional costs due to the traveler’s negligence.
    4. Cancellation and change fees for family emergencies and factors outside traveler's control may be reimbursed, at the department’s discretion.

Flight Changes

  • A business justification is required for change fees and differences in fare
  • Changes due to traveler negligence are not reimbursable
  • Cancellation and change fees for family emergencies and factors outside the traveler's control are reimbursable, at the department's discretion.

Airfare Credits

Travelers and delegates should manage airfare bookings and cancellations through the Concur Travel booking tool or UA's travel agency, Corporate Travel Management (CTM). Doing so allows UA to easily track and use airfare credits.

Visit the Travel module training library for downloadable guides on canceling trips and using airfare credits.