Book a Trip

The Concur Travel module is a robust booking tool providing travelers and delegates with airfare, car rental, lodging and train booking options. UA’s negotiated vendor rates are reflected in the booking tool. You should always establish bookings with discounted vendors through the booking tool or CTM to obtain our negotiated rates.

Travelers have several options for booking travel:

  • Use Concur to initiate the booking from an approved Travel Request
  • Book from the Travel module and create a new Request for submission and approval
  • Contact Corporate Travel Management (CTM) directly after your Request is approved
  • Book lodging and car rentals with the vendor after your Request is approved

Airfare reservations made through Concur/CTM are paid on the agency card held by CTM. Hotel reservations are held with the UA travel card information entered in your Concur profile. You can also indicate CTM use the agency card to book and pay for lodging (see the "Book from Request" drop-down for more information). The option to use the agency card for car rentals is not available.

Rural Travel

Travelers also have a few options for booking rural air travel with a non-GDS carrier such as Wrights Air. All options require an approved Travel Request.

  • Book directly with the non-GDS carrier
  • Contact CTM directly
  • For trips that include air travel on rural and non-rural carriers, book the non-rural portion in Concur and instruct CTM to book the rural portion using the “Comments for the Travel Agent” box on the Trip Booking Information screen
  • Use CTM's Rural Online Booking Request for UA
    Please note, this tool is used to send a booking request to CTM. Your booking is not confirmed until CTM completes the booking through the rural carrier and you receive your final ticketed itinerary. 

Hot Tip: For airfare searches, use "Anytime" as the departure time. This ensures the booking tool's initial search pulls information for all available flights. You can adjust times using the left-hand filter fields after the initial search.

CTM is a travel agency contracted by UA to assist our organization with booking and purchasing travel components. If you ever encounter difficulties with the booking tool, contact CTM to book the trip.

Our dedicated UA CTM team is in Anchorage and available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CTM also has agents available 24/7 to assist travelers during our team’s off-hours.

  • General Phone #: 907-786-0107
  • Toll Free #: 833-500-4292 (24 hour service)
  • Email:

CTM's contact information is also found on your Concur Homepage dashboard under "Company Notes.

Our CTM team manages the following tasks on our behalf:

  1. Maintain and update the Concur Travel booking tool
  2. Administer corporate discounts – The rates visible in the booking tool are based on State of Alaska contract rates and industry standards
  3. Ticket travelers via the booking tool, rural request tool, emails and phone calls
  4. Transmit traveler information to carriers including mileage memberships, TSA pre-check and passport data
  5. Charge the agency card for purchases made via the booking tool, rural request tool, emails and phone calls
  6. Cancel purchased tickets when requested, paying any change or cancellation fees using the agency card
  7. Upload airfare credit information into Concur and generate a monthly report of available UA credits

If you are using Concur to book your trip, you should book from the approved Travel Request. Do not stop in the middle of the booking. If you do, the link between Request and Travel is broken which generates a new Request. If booking is interrupted, go back to the Request to re-start the booking process.

Note: If booking from the Request is unknowingly interrupted before completion (e.g. clicking on another browser during booking, the booking process sits idle for too long, etc.), the link between Travel and Request may break. See the “Book from Travel” drop-down for instructions on what to do if this happens.

  1. In the Request module, open the associated Request from “Active Requests”
  2. Click “Book Travel” in the top-right corner of the open Request
  3. Your Itinerary screen
    1. Information entered in Expected Expenses is plugged into the booking tool
    2. Dates, times and locations for each segment are changeable after this screen
    3. If car rental is included, you must assign rental station locations on this screen (choose any available at any location if intending to skip car rental booking)
  4. Segment Search and Select screen
    1. Select desired airfare, lodging, car rental and/or train
    2. Open the “Change Search” field to adjust dates, times and locations
    3. For airfare, change departure times to “Anytime” to search for all available flights
    4. Use the matrix, filter, search and sort options to find the desired booking (visit the training library for downloadable guides on using the booking tool)
    5. Car rental and lodging are skippable bookings; scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the skip option
    6. "Trip Summary" in the top left corner provides booking progress and total estimated cost after each segment
  5. Review and Reserve [Segment] screen
    1. Review, reserve and add travel preferences after each segment
    2. Airfare
      1. Seat selection is available at this point
      2. You can also manage your seat preferences, including upgrades, directly through the carrier’s website or app once the flight is ticketed
    3. Hotel
      1. A UA paid corporate card is required to book through the booking tool; the card information entered in your profile auto-fills
      2. If you need CTM to reserve and pay for the hotel, select “Skip Hotel” and enter lodging information on the Trip Booking Information screen
      3. Review the hotel’s cancellation policy before confirming
  6. Trip Booking Information screen
    1. “Comments for the Travel Agent” box
      1. If requesting CTM book and pay for the hotel, enter the full lodging information here
      2. Enter any other special requests or accommodations including directions to apply an unused ticket credit
      3. A comment of any kind (including “none”) incurs the $10 partial touch fee
    2. If comments to agent are added, booking is not complete until UA CTM agent acts
      1. After-hours agents do not act on these
      2. If booking outside normal business hours, do not use this option unless booking can wait until next business day
  7. Once booked, the final itinerary is provided with the option to print or email a copy
  8. Depending on your email notification settings, you receive an email of the ticketed itinerary – this is the flight itinerary receipt required for your Expense Report

It is possible to initiate a booking directly from the Concur Travel module. Doing so will generate a new Travel Request to submit for approval. This option is called the “Travel-to-Request Integration” method and is ideal for last-minute or restricted-availability flights.

If using this method, you must remember that an approval time limit is placed on the Request. The booking is canceled and the Request voided if not approved in time.

Note: If a booking from Request is interrupted before completion (e.g. booking not completed in one sitting, you click on another browser during booking, the booking process sits idle for too long, etc.), the link between Travel and Request may break. When broken, the “Travel-to-Request Integration” method is initiated.

Use the pending approval indicators in step four to recognize when this happens. Contact your department travel coordinator or campus travel administration if you need assistance.

  1.  Enter your booking information in the Concur Travel booking tool
    1. Select “Pick-up/Drop-off car at airport” to add rental car to airfare
    2. Select “Find a Hotel” to add hotel to airfare
  2. Proceed with reservations as usual
    1. Your flight is put on hold
    2. CTM charges the $1.50 PNR fee
    3. Itinerary information clearly indicates tickets are not yet issued
  3. A blank Request to fill out & submit is initiated
    1. The Request only auto populates the expense information from your booking
    2. The Request Header and remaining Expected Expenses are filled in by you
    3. Submit the Request once all information is filled in completely
  4. The Request has an approval time limit that corresponds with the amount of time the airline will hold the flight
    This information is viewable in three places:
    1. Notated at the top of the Request under the trip name and total
    2. Provided as “Status” under My Trips>More on your Concur homepage
    3. Documented as “Approval of Request Required” in your Trip Library
  5. If the Request is approved in time
    1. The flight is ticketed and no further action to book is needed
    2. Depending on your email notification settings, you receive an email of the ticketed itinerary – this is the flight itinerary receipt required for the Expense Report
  6. If the Request is not approved in time, the hold cancels and the Request expires
    1. You can copy and submit a new Request for approval
    2. You must book from the new Request
    3. Your campus travel administration cannot reactivate the Request once it expires

Travelers may coordinate personal travel arrangements in conjunction with their UA business travel. This includes personal extended stays at the business location and personal deviations to a non-business location. You have the option of booking some or all portions in the booking tool depending on the type of personal travel.

In both cases, a business-only cost comparison itinerary is used to define business travel status and allowable costs. Any costs that exceed the business-only comparison are deducted from your out-of-pocket reimbursable expenses. If the additional cost exceeds the reimbursable amount, a payroll deduction is used to recoup the additional amount from employees. Visit the Before Travel: Travel Request section for information on securing a cost comparison.

Personal travel not associated with a UA business trip is not bookable through Concur, CTM or UA personnel.

Extended Stay

When a traveler extends their stay at the UA business destination(s) for personal reasons, it is a personal deviation with an extended stay.

Since UA receives State of Alaska contract rates when booking travel through Concur or CTM, travel that includes personal days is only bookable through Concur if it is an extended stay at the business or intermediate location.

Personal Deviation

When a traveler goes to an additional destination outside of the UA business routing or destination(s), it is considered a personal deviation with a routing change.

Our contract rates are not applicable on travel to a non-business location. Additionally, it is not appropriate to ask UA personnel to help with your personal travel arrangements.

  • Business Portion: Booked through the booking tool or by calling CTM
  • Personal Portion: Booked separately by you

Additional Resources

The training library contains videos, downloadable guides and additional information on topics such as how to navigate the booking tool, use airfare credits and cancel a trip.