A delegate is a person authorized to act on behalf of another person. UA's three types of delegates are travel delegate, approval delegate and reporting delegate. Visit the Approvals and Reporting training libraries for more information on navigating Concur as the latter two.

Travel Delegate Resources

Topic Description UA Guide
Account Codes
  • What travel account codes are used by UA?
  • How are these account codes assigned?
Act as a Delegate
  • How do we act as a delegate for another user?
Homepage Dashboard
  • Where do we find UA travel alerts and CTM's contact information?
  • How do we view information for an unused ticket credit?
Request Dashboard
  • How do we view all of the traveler's Travel Requests?
Travel Request Approval Flow
  • How do we view the approval status of a Travel Request?
  • Who is required to approve the Travel Request?
  • How do we view the assigned approvers in the approval flow?
Travel Dashboard
  • How does a delegate view their travelers' booking information from their own account?
Expense Dashboard
  • How do we view Expense Reports still pending submission or approval?
  • How do we view approved Expense Reports?
  • How do we view available expenses & receipts?
  • How do we view outstanding travel advances?
Expense Report Approval Flow
  • Who is required to approve the Expense Report?
  • How do we view the assigned approvers in the approval flow?


Admin Manual

The travel admin manual provides comprehensive information on the key components of our travel program: Concur, the UA Travel Card Program, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) and the UA Travel Regulations. The appendixes provide additional information and guidance for specific areas of travel and direct user roles.

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On the left-hand toolbar of the PDF, click the "Bookmarks" icon to open the navigation pane built into the document.

Document Description Downloadable PDF
UA Travel Admin Manual Complete guide to the UA travel components including all appendixes PDF
Appendix A - Group Travel Additional guidance for managing group travel PDF
Appendix B - Student & Guest Travel Additional guidance for delegates managing non-employee travel PDF
Appendix C - Traveler Quick Guide Abridged guide for travelers on using the three main Concur modules: Request, Travel and Expense PDF
Appendix D - Approvals Module Guidance and information for travel approvers including how to use the Concur Approvals module PDF
Appendix E - Reporting Module Introductory guidance and information on the basics of the Concur Reporting module PDF
Appendix F - Back Office Guide Additional guidance and information for UA's assigned Cash Advance Admins, Processors and User Admins PDF